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RE: The “New Reality” Hive Stock Images

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These are really creative and the manner in which presented, inspiring! I love the crayon sandwich and was wondering if you really did put 6 rolls through the washing machine - but I guess not (else they'd've been shredded), just dampened? Great effect! A 'before' and 'after' of the recycling shot would've been interesting lol


Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback and support :D

I’m glad you love the crayon sandwich. I was really going for the ‘craze’ effect on these.

Haha nope! I just damped each of them before taking the photo. They would definitely be shredded if going through a cycle.

Good idea on the before and after. I was going to just take the photo with them dry but thought to really get the effect they needed to be wet. Here they are dry:


Ha ha nice........but (no pun intended :)....this is supposed to be 'recycled' toilet paper right? So the 'before' shot is before it has been recycled and after it has been used as TP...... at least that was my twist on it 😂....... yucky thought of course!

🤣🤣🤣...yea I figured no one really wanted to see the "true" before shots. I'm sure I would have less followers if I chose to show that! 😬 Lol

I even debated if I should say recycled or not because the thought of it is kind of yucky. Haha

I figured no one really wanted to see the "true" before shots

Who knows what'll go down well in the 'New Abnormal'? :P