My First Bath in the Big Tub

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Whew! I really worse myself out

Today mommy and daddy gave me a treat. We got into the big bathtub and they put this tube thing around my neck. I have to say, I didn't know about it at first, but after a while I was really enjoying it.


After about 5 minutes, I was flapping my arms and legs and swimming around like a champ. I was cooing and giggling, making all manner of strange noises.


Of course it didn't take long before I was fed up. I start to flail around aggresively and scream at the top of my lungs. My parents left me in there for a few more minutes so that I could wear myself out. Of course it worked quite well! I slept all night, and a good portion of the next day!

So basically they tricked me. Oh, well! I am looking forward to my next swim!


That's funny Rick, he looks well grumpy in the Top photo 🤣
So cute!

Yeah, he is a little grumbler for sure. He spends a lot of time in a bad mood for a little baby!

Hmmmm! Does he get that from YOU or Amanda? I suspect Amanda, but don't tell her I said that... 😂

Yep, Amanda's childhood nickname was 'Moody Manda'


Hahahaha you can't escape bath time

lol! Nope. He loves it for exactly 5 minutes, then screams.

Ouchhh the decibels during bathtime.... They must be sky high lol

yeah, especially in the bathroom with the tile walls!