My Name is Little Ricky - My First Hive Post!

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Here Goes My First Post!

Hello World! I am @little-ricky. My dad, @nuthman created this account just for me so that he could blog about my journey through childhood. Someday, this account will be all mine and I'll be able to take it over.

I didn't like all of that prodding at the hospital. I'm so glad to be home now!

It may be a little awkward at that point, as I won't be so little anymore, but we will deal with that issue when we get to it.

This was one of my first photos. My little head was squished into a pretty funny shape!

I am just over a week old, but am already enjoying life here with mommy and daddy. So far, all I've done is eat, sleep, poop and pee - as well as a little bit of crying and grumbling here and there. If Once in a while, I'll let out a little smile but I try to use those sparingly, at least for now!

Daddy and I on the balcony this afternoon

Four days ago, I went to the pediatrician's office for the first time ever! I got a clean bill of health. Can you believe it? They checked all of my body parts and it all checked out.

Daddy is starting to weird me out a bit, because every time I open my eyes, he's lurched over top of me with a big creepy smile. I know he means well, but give me some space, man!

Dang, daddy! Can a guy get some sleep around here?

Today daddy finally got around to putting together my Pack-and-Play. He seems to be walking around like a zombie these days and it took him way longer than it should have.

I am a big fan of being swaddled. It pretty much shuts me up in an instant!

I wonder what's been keeping him up at night? I don't see any problems... In fact, I'm sleeping just fine!

Ahhh, conked out in my new portable bed. I can't complain

Mommy mounted this weird thing to the side of my bed which spins around and makes a lot of noise. I was mesmerized for a few minutes, but then it started to sing at me and I wasn't having it. Mommy turned off the music and I conked out light a light!

These people can't stop touching me for 5 minutes...

Well, that's all for my first post! I looking forward to sharing my adventures here on Hive! Please follow me, read my stories and comment below - someday I'll be able to read them!


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Welcome to the hive "Little Ricky" Give Dad some slack, he means well. :-)

A warm welcome to you mate. No eye puffiness (yet) for Dad I see, but anxious to see what you've accomplished in a week or three ... lol.

Awwwwww you're just too cute

Hehe, the youngest child on Hive.
I'm no longer the youngest Hivian.
He is in the Kidz Community. 😊
Welcome to this world.
I'm only six years old.
I publish different things as @steemean also.