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What a week...

We did a thing!

=> has launched!!!

And we are VERY excited for it's release!

Huge shout out to @hivebuzz to, I got a shirt I ordered from them in the mail today, so I had to show it off...And will do it again tomorrow LOL

Awesome week, so many cool things happening...What a time to 'thrive on Hive'!!!

Note: This post's beneficiary will be @uyobong A fantastic content creator and investor who is bullish on CTP Tokens! Every post we send 25% of the author rewards to amazing members of the CTP community!

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Hey @jongolson, thank you for the shout out about me and the work of the HiveBuzz team. Really appreciated.

The T-shirt you ordered is really cool and fits you perfectly. Glad to see you're happy with it. Cheers! 🍻

Man, it fit perfectly.

Great product and I've worn it quite a few times already!

Congratulations to @uyobong! I enjoy his posts a lot & really think he's a great addition to the CTPTalk community. :)

The Hive Guide is REALLY going to help so many people & I am really excited to see its continued success! :) So glad you & Blain came out with it. It is nice to be able to give new people a tool that will help them as they join HIVE instead of throwing them out to the wolves on their own! LOL

You already know my goals but I am still working on them diligently, showing up each day to make some progress, whether it's huge leaps or baby steps. Staying the course and taking action are the two main things!

Thanks Jon for all you do! Keep up the awesome work as well as everyone else in our amazing community! 🙌 💞

Thanks Jenn, appreciate that very much!

Yeah it's starting to get some good press around the blockchain...But we're not even close to being done promoting it. Got some plans up our sleeves :)

Geez just what I didn't need in life at this moment.
A target on my back.
I was asked to do something so I did now people want a piece of me.
175,000 CTP Tokens for sale apply to me in person.
Also over 2,500 CTPM
Ridiculous offers are not welcome and you will feel my wrath.
I can hurt bad with a 100% Downvote.

ha ha ha ha ha man, they all do it out of love and admiration!

Where do we apply to you? Offer looks interesting.

Telegram or Discord but you need to be rich if you want it all that is over $3,000 worth or be a dolphin more than twice on Hive.

Thanks @Jongolson for seeing me worthy of this beneficiary rewards. I appreciate. I'll be glad to soon include CTPTALK in my weekly writing contest and will have new users join here soon.

For sure man, thanks for all your support!

I still have a few training videos to watch, but so far so awesome!
If there weren't any excuses before to dive into this amazing Hive World, now there is absolutely none!
It's up to the boys and girls out there hiding under the bed waiting for the world to get out of the mess and maybe then, just maybe, will do something for themselves!
Hive Guide will be for sure a very nice addition to CTP Blueprint, either inside but also outside linked to the free members so I can give them more value and hopefully drive more people here :)
My road until the end of the year will be 50K CTP staked, 36K at the moment, and probably will surpass those 50K!
Keep crushing everyone!
Let's gooo!

I have some catching up to do LOL

Thanks Eliana, appreciate everything you do!

I see 42 accounts completed this achievent.
Though my stake increased ,I guess I dropped 4-5 places in richlist.
Hopefully might reach there before new year.

I'm amazed at how active people are, I love it....42 huh....We'll try to double that by the end of the year :)

One more new goal to pursue. Sure we will spread CTP.

Great video man, and congrats to @uyobong for being beneficiary, and congrats to the launch of Hive Guide, it's needed.

I have completed the transfer of my CTP token over to the new account, and staked most of it, though I have also kept a bit liquid for some planned fireshopping, and then I will get right back to staking soon, 100k before the end of the year is the goal.

I saw that Russell mentioned the delegations I do for the #IAmAliveChallenge, so it's leased delegations of 4 weeks and 200 Hive Power, and that is done every day in the Alive Engagement Contest, and anyone can participate, takes just 5 to 10 minutes.

Keep up your good work.

Thanks man, I really appreciate

Brilliant stuff man!

Thanks for everything that you do...It's very appreciated!

Congratulations @uyobong and on the Hive Guide is super simple and easy.You done great explain on it.

A lot of people have told me they don’t understand Hive and don’t know why it’s Hive, with Hive Gude you explained everything and if they don’t start now then it was just their excuse that they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone.

Yeah as complicated as it is, I think a lot of people are jut scared to try new things...We hope this helps them see the big picture :)

Yeah me too new guide is great

Thanks Elizabeth. I appreciate.

Cool Shirt.

I'm pretty excited about Hive Guide and will start promoting it a little. Surprisingly I have a couple of ideas...

Keep rocking Jon. It's important work!

Awesome man! We don't seem to get that much attention from that side of the chain...Anything you can do to raise awareness is so appreciated.

Congratulations on the Hive Guide launch... As I said it a lot of times, the SteemSavvy was awesome and helpful for the community, and I have no doubt that Hive Guide will be even better!

Thanks for all your support!

Yeah man, we're excited for it....Wanted to keep the simplicity of SteemSavvy but make sure we highlight how amazing Hive is!

I'm really excited about the Hive Guide. Finally a place where I can send people to learn everything they need to get started. I'm going through the videos and will gladly give you some feedbacks!

Thanks for the @ctpsb shout out!

That's the game plan for sure...Hope it helps bring people to Hive and gets them actually using this stuff.

A highway to heavens :)
On it
going to hit it pretty soon
Nice community!

Yup, higher and higher for sure!

You know I'm excited for this because I NEED IT to learn LOL but also, I've tried several times to explain Hive to others and realize...I can't really help them get started so I back out. Now I don't have to back out anymore and can direct them to this! :D So thank you for that.

So far I'm through module one and have already learned several things. Can't wait to discover more!

Awesome to hear that Jangle!

We hope it's a good starting point to everyone that gives crypto and questionable glance lol

Looks like I missed last week it happens once in awhile. Congrats on the launch of Hive Guide it will do well it is a great way to explain Hive to the general public without scaring the heck out of them. Great to see all the new folks working there way to 10,000 ctp and are becoming great members of the ctp tribe. Have a great all

It's awesome!

So cool to see everyone step up and grow this community!

The HIVE Guide is a fantastic tool and everybody should be joing and getting tooled up for free

5 years is a great goal for any business, I have always said it takes a couple of years to see any results and 4-5 to see good rewards

Cruisin the road to Cruisin a goal for everyone

Flaxz being able to Delegate is a great sign of growth

as i said in my blog post, one step at a time and eventually your reach the top of the mountaion, the journey is the experience

Lokks like I missed last week,lol

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

It's remarkable to watch everyone just crush it on CTP....The growth is amazing!

I've been dealing with guys replacing the pipes under my house this week so I haven't had a chance to start going through the Hive Guide yet. I look forward to checking it out now that they are finished.

Awesome man, yeah let me know how it goes. Always around if you need anything.

I know you will. I appreciate that. It is a good feeling to know that you can get in contact with the owner of the program any time there is an issue. Thank you for always being there.

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