To Have an Audience You need to Be the Audience

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In a previous Blog Post I wrote

“To have an Audience means you need to be an audience”

What does that mean?

It means that if we do not connect with the audience that we have, if we do not keep ourselves at the level of understanding of the audience we have or want to have, then we will not have an audience.

An Audience is a group that are there because they believe that you have something to offer and if you do not know what it is that your audience wants then you will have nothing to offer.

Keep in touch with your audience because you are their Audience, Know what people are wanting because then you will be able to relate on the level that is in conjunction with their desire.

I was once in upper management for a large corporation and tradition has been to have Top down processes, eg: what management says is what happens, and often management is out of touch with the grass roots shop floor population.

Fortunately for me, I have always been a grass roots shop floor person and so to find myself in upper management was an interesting step.

What got me to that point was that I always valued the input of the people that knew best about processes and productivity and that is the people who are actually doing it.

As an Upper Management person , I was very successful in implementing a number of great strategies and programs because I was allowing myself to be informed by those that the strategies and programs would effect the most and that was the people who would be carrying it forwards, The workers, the shop floor, the audience. If I tried to implement anything without their input then I would be forcing something upon them that they did not necessarily agree with, and therefore would face opposition and productivity would decline.

I was very successful in meeting numerous KPI’s and more because of my approach.
I didn’t do this approach because I knew that was the thing to do, or that I knew it would have more success, or I knew that I would succeed if I did so.

I did this process because ultimately it is who I am, It is the only way that any change can be validated, It is the empowerment of any organisational structure to allow that bottom up process and it is because that is what I understood the most.

Being the Audience is what allows for you to have an audience. By keeping your intent one of knowing what is wanted and what is needed by looking from below and seeing upwards is what allows for progress and progressive ideas.

Collaboration, Knowledge and implementation always co0mes from the Audience, so if we are not t the audience how would we know what directions need to be taken, How would we understand what is desired, how would we be able to implement any degree of inspiration or change,

So I say again

To Have an Audience You need to Be the Audience

And that is why I prefer Round Tables to Square or retangular Ones, Everyone is on equal footing


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 3 years ago  

One of the problems on the Hive is that people still think that it is a static blogging platform where you just post at least one post per day and wait to get paid...

Be the audience is to "consume" blog posts by others here on the chain... By commenting and engaging with others, you are attracting new viewers...

There are a lot of creators here, and the best way is to put yourself out there, comment on others' posts as that is the best recipe to be seen... One by one...

As @jongolson said, without engaging with new (and old members), we will get into stagnant phase, where there will be no progress, but going backwards...

Thanks for a reminder!

 3 years ago  

Agree, we must alwasy reatin our main reason why and that always comes from what we ourselves as an audience wanted. we mjust constantly stay up to date with shifting boundaroies, notions, ideas, paradigms lest we get left behind in our own little Black Hole

Time to time we should have this as a reminder for ourselves if we want to give the most valuable content!
Not for us but for the readers!
I tend even to write for both especially motivational posts lol
Thank you so much for this!

 3 years ago  

The best content is the content we learn while writing

Be a product of your product!

Or be the change you wanna see in the world :)

I fall victim to my own habits when it comes to this. I always should be out there and engaging with others...If I want more engagement and activity on my blogs and content.

Great stuff man...Self reflection time for me!

 3 years ago  

@jongolson Exactly, its also abouit retaining our reasons why and reminding ourselves constantly

 3 years ago  

100% agree! If we don't do what our audience does or engage & connect, then how is your audience supposed to trust or have confidence in you? It's like that old saying "If you talk the talk, walk the walk."

Also, by doing this, you will also have self growth as you learn from others & get more & more out of your comfort zone. This, in turn. attracts your audience even more. It's truly a domino effect.

Thanks for writing this, Russ! This is definitely important to keep in mind for new content creators & even us veterans. :)

 3 years ago  

It is in the learning constamntly, the everyday conversations are what sustains future growth

This is great post, Russell. My husband, when he was working, was an engineer. He spent most of his career on process control, quality and manufacturing support. This reminds me of what he talked about all the time. He was always asking questions of people on the manufacturing floor and their supervisors for what they needed to get their jobs done and how he could help them. So he was very engaged and present all the time. That is what we have to be for our audiences.

 3 years ago  

exactly @lisamgentile1961 the sign of a good businress is one that is all encompassing and have its workforce invoklved/invested in the companies future

👍😀Have a great day, @russellstockley!

Made in Canva


Reminds me of the saying people do business with who they know like and trust 😀

 3 years ago  

well thats correct, of the people for the people :)

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Great post Russell @russellstockley you make a great point here good job mate have the best day

 3 years ago  

Hi @benthomaswwd , Thanks for dropping in and having a read :) Hope all is well

totally agree with you on this Russell! 😉👍🏼 I also believe in bottom up approach in order to do the work better. However, I do not miss the corporate world 😂🤣

Happy midweek!

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 3 years ago  

bottom up approaches are the best. My mother convoinced mne of that when I was 4 when she read a book to me called the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist :)

Thank you Russell @russellstockley for the awesome post! You are so right about being the audience. The most important part of engaging is listening. You may ask and open end question but listen to the person you are engaging with as they respond. You need to find out what they need want and don't want before you can offer them something of value that they can use.

 3 years ago  

Listening is the first major point that needs to be taken on board, without listening we might as well be talking into the wind

Very interesting and true post. I, like you was in a management position once and even I had to follow what came from up top and I always said that they sit up there and make all these rules and offers and think that we at the bottom can just do as they plan. Some of them never even been on the bottom to know what we did each day and what we had to deal with and that was tough.

 3 years ago  

Its a common practice for most businesses to be top down which is why they contsantly struggle and have high turnover of staff

Wow that was really well said @russellstockley, and very true, just ask a comedian if they listen to their audience, without it they would not get very far at all, and and it's true for everything else too, like making posts and videos on Hive, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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The upper management is usually out of touch with the grass root - the people who follow their policy and strategy. The upper management thinks that would be an effective strategy. Ask the people who implement those strategies and policies. They will give you feedback that would be highly effective. Otherwise, sorry to say but some strategies and policies taken by upper management are laughable. That's nothing but a waste of time, resources, and money.

To Have an Audience You need to Be the Audience.

I completely agree with that. Thank you @russellstockley for sharing this.

 3 years ago  

Hi @rezoanulvibes , Most businesses will fail if they take the autocratic step of top down processes, I agree that Top down to put policy in place but bottom up yo inform that policy is the only way that it can work

I can certainly appreciated the part about 'implementing ideas without input', Russell.
Was in management for many years as well. Creating partnerships made everything a whole lot easier and productive.
The same principles apply to our online marketing industry!
Nice post. Shared :)

 3 years ago  

Exactly my Point @thesurfninja Online Marketing even more so, if we are not listening/recieving then we are not able to give, If we are not a rpoduct of our product then we are out of touch