[ENG-SPN] Cloisters: symbols of transformation / Claustros: símbolos de transformación

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Oriented towards the four cardinal points, the cloisters of the medieval monasteries, constituted, in the daily life of the monk, that spiritual complement that served him unconditionally as support, as a starting port towards the metaphorical seas of contemplation, whose imaginary waters went being more peaceful or rougher, as he walked, in silence, through some corridors, in the sculptures of whose arches, a certain symbology encouraged him, as he made his journey, to experience those states of calm and restlessness, which, directly affected the soul.


In this journey, which, ultimately, was none other than the same one that the sun makes every day, rising in the morning and dying at sunset -always symbolically speaking, of course- the thoughts and feelings of the monk were also adapting, in a gradual way, to that eternal cycle of transformation, imposed by the laws of life, which, after all, and regardless of the area in which we develop, affects us all.


Orientados hacia los cuatro puntos cardinales, los claustros de los monasterios medievales, constituían, en la vida diaria del monje, ese complemento espiritual que le servía incondicionalmente de apoyo, como puerto de partida hacia los metafóricos mares de la contemplación, cuyas imaginarias aguas, iban siendo más apacibles o más ásperas, a medida que recorría, en silencio, unos corredores, en las esculturas de cuyos arcos, una simbología determinada le alentaba, a medida que iba haciendo su recorrido, a experimentar esos estados de sosiego e inquietud, que, directamente afectaban al alma.


En este recorrido, que, en definitiva, no era otro que el mismo que hace cada día el sol, al nacer por la mañana y fallecer con el ocaso -siempre simbólicamente hablando, claro está- los pensamientos y las sensaciones del monje iban también adaptándose, de una manera gradual, a ese eterno ciclo de transformación, impuesto por las leyes de la vida, que, al fin y al cabo y sin importar el ámbito en el que nos desarrollamos, a todos nos afecta.


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What strikes me the most in these photos are the columns, well structured, maybe I'm a little marked when I see so many news about how buildings that have been around for so few years collapse and people lose their heritage, the matter is sad.
I wish you a happy day

In that era, which has generally been described as 'dark' or 'barbaric', trades were born and architecture was more than an Art: it was a reason for living, the sense of a sacred architecture, where nothing was left to chance. and where there was no speculation with the primordial materials, as is currently the case, generating the dangerous cases that you cite. Thank you for your comment and best regards.

Amazing dear 💗
Photography is my passion I always love to read about photography 💓

Thank you. This is a great platform to share your talent. Without a doubt, you will learn a lot and most importantly: you will also contribute your wisdom, through the vision of your camera. Kind regards

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