Shirtless photo of myself: Making progress loosing weight. Was around 240lb now im 197 and do 20 to 80 di¹ily pushups

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In a desperate attempt to show that i am still phsyically somewhat healthy after i becsme the unknowing star of the hit cia reality sueveillance show "owe my balls" i have decided to post a shirtless photo of myself of my progress destroying belly fat with one simple step: stop eating and stop being a fat slob... heres some of my progress now..


.i think i was looking eveb better on some selfies i took while at emerald plaza hotel where i even felt progress in my lower horn recovery

After methadome for 7 tears i became a big fat slob and showed my fat body off on live on youtube

People said i had moobs or man boobs and that always bothered me even as a child at swimming pools where i would always wear a t shirt

Well simple pushups daily helped eradicate the fat in my pecs like that ...i have been taking some suppliments called nitro-T and masculini-T

Along with fish and pumpkin seed oil and magnesium and b12 and a LOT of burger lounge and beef jerkum

Products i got from health store MASCULINI-t and NitroT

I also got a beard trimmer from CVS for 25 bucks and it was reimbursed from @cashapp donations from my fans on @ip2 the degenerate youtube live streaming community

I was going to post this in @ddate community but instead im posting it in the @challengedac community


Great job already! 😎🤛 no more moobs! u also got quite the triceps! :)

Never heard of pumkin seed oil.. how's that work? it's working good tho so good on it!

i gotta get more pump koin seed oil

it worked well its klike something that comes up when you look for testosterone or nerves or testicle aid lol

I think it is really working for you man.

Well done on the weight loss👍

Good job man, looking good! I mean, good job, king!

You forgot to call me king

Sorry you're right I did. But I edited my comment and corrected that. You're working out like a boss and it has made you into a king. Keep up the good work!

Oops i posted in ddate anyway lol meant to post it in challengeEOS oh well. Mayhe now we can use @ddate to show off fitbss results as a crassifued style datung cloud which redirects to tye ddate hive community which connects to @tipitbot and the ddate telegram and discord which allows us to post on @ddate network

I understand the 'moobs' struggle.. haha. My own body distributes fat in a weird way.

pushups everyday really helps

but recently i got lazy lol, had to let my nerve bruising down in my balls from when i hurt them a year ago finally start to go away, its finally slowly going away but all the excersize and fasting was making me stressed out but now im just relaxing eating more, but now i get super hungry, need to stop eating so much nd just drink juices again