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RE: Which of these games do you regularly play?

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  • Other if any(only blockchain related games)

I don't play any of them regularly.

  • I intended to test playing RisingStar and DCity, but they require Hive Keychain that requires installation of a browser extension, which is strongly discouraged by the Tor browser developers.
  • I tried to play HolyBread, but it seems repetitive and frequently suggests upgrade to premium.
  • I tried to play the free trial of Splinterlands, but it does not work properly on Tor browser. I start a match, and I lose because I can't control anything as I watch the 3-minute countdown end.
  • I don't like gambling games, even if they offer "free" tokens (that don't have any value).

Hmmm ok but why do use Tor browser? Is it because of privacy concerns?

It is more of anonymity concerns on both the Hive community and other websites that I use the Tor browser. For using my social media accounts (when necessary), and important ones (such as for money), I use the Brave Browser, since there is no point hiding my IP address when they already know a lot about me.

The Tor browser is designed for anonymity. While it also offers good privacy, its developers discourage using it to login to private accounts such as Facebook, Google, etc.

I want to stay anonymous on Hive because I want to be able to speak out my opinions (especially about #privacy and free speech) without fearing that people might attack me as the person (ad hominem) because they hate something I said (even though I said nothing illegal or hateful) instead of addressing my argument.

Thank you for your reply.

Thanks for your reply.

We acquired Holybread on 5/22/2020 and agree with the upgrade to premium spam. We are reworking that system.
However we are the only free play to game with no buy-in.