I think this soap is better than the commercial soaps I've used in the past

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I have mentioned in this post that I bought some homemade soaps, shampoos and panty liners from a friend.

From all the products, I tried the tomato soaps first.


As said before, these are handmade soaps and she sells it for an affordable price. I've never tried anything else handmade before. I've always used the commercial ones and some of them feel acidic (as it stings the skin), some have artificial feels of getting your skin feel greasy, some are just too strong and makes the skin dry. There are some good commercials soaps, of course, but I think these are better to be honest.


These tomato soaps help to control oil, reduce wrinkles, make skin brighter, and moisturize.

As we have different skin types and it reacts differently to products, this works well with me. It smells good, and definitely bubbles easily (unlike other soaps).

It's been a month since I started using these and it was incredible! With regards to its claims, it definitely did its job and the first thing I noticed is that it certainly brightened my skin. It also moisturizes, like I don't even need a lotion after a bath lol.

It also removed dead skin cells effectively. Like I was almost shedding every 3 or 4 days lol. I also asked my mom and the gf of my brother and they also see the same results.


I don't know how easy or hard it is to make your own products but now I'm loving them and have more respect for those who do. Honestly at first I thought about homemade soaps to just give the basic things a soap does.

I honestly didn't expect it could be so beneficial to the skin and even better than the commercial ones! Of course, it's because of my ignorance about the process and not trusting people who claim about their 100% natural products. xD

From now on, I will use these as my regular ones although I may still buy the commercial ones (bath wash) just so I could have a different scent every now and then.

It's just so amazing that sometimes homemades are better than those manufactured in a factory. After all, our skin isn't naturally designed to absorb some chemicals.

If you're from Philippines and would like to try these, you can order here. As far as I know, my friend ships all over the Philippines. This will surely help her!


I know @evecabs is making her own soaps currently! She can probably tell you howe easy/hard they are to make, hers are reaallllllyyyy pretty.

I just checked her page and DAMN THEY LOOK SO PRETTY!! So stylish, you would feel like you're a royal goddess by bathing with those lol. Also you probably meant @evecab :P I hope she can read this :D

i use commercialized and the product that can be purchase in supermarkets, i will try this one that you mention, thank you for the link @hiddenblade

Nice! Please tell me when you've ordered and I would also love to hear your experience with it :D

Tomato soap, sounds interesting. I wish I were in the Philippines so I can try. @erangvee, check this out? 😉

oooh interesting. i might try!!

Please tell me when you've ordered! I hope her soaps work well with you once you've tried it :D

I use some handmade soaps and they are amazing! In tried them in different varation, but I never tried a tomato soap. It looks really good!

Haha yeah and I like the color too. I've heard so many benefits of tomato. Maybe you can try next time if you find some :D

Oh wow, tomato soap! I wonder how she makes them, and what she uses to colour them. I love a homemade soap!

I wonder too! The color is so pretty right? So vibrant :D

Is there an ingredient list you can add to the post? Curious about the colour too.

Yeap all the homemade stuff is better than commercial at least you know what you use.

So colorful and pretty looking! I was tempted to try melt and pour soap tecnique to make my own soaps. There is on Youtube a channel of some company called brambleberry and another one called soap queen. Another one is arianne arsenault, she makes such lovely soaps.. If you watch that whole soap making technique you will be mesmerised. I will have to try this year, doing your own soaps seems so much fun. Buying handmade soaps too is much better than using comercial soap full of chemicals

I checked their channels and they look great. Yeah the process look satisfying, and especially when you see the final product. I'm excited for you! <3

we once had olive trees. and we would make olive oil. I made soaps with olive oil at that time. it had a lot of benefits. but I did not get the exact result I wanted. and for the first time I hear soap with tomatoes. this is impressive. i would like to try from them.

I am not certain however have heard that olives have many beneficial attributes for skin, hair and also internally of course. It is a wondrous little vegetable. (I think it's a vegetable yes?)

That's amazing! I bet you enjoyed making it.

and for the first time I hear soap with tomatoes

Really? I think they are becoming popular here but I heard it has been used for soaps before.

it's really interesting. I will investigate this. and maybe I do it to myself :).

Would love to hear about it when you do! :D

I'd love to try this! I have no trust in the soaps I find in the market 😕

Yeah sadly I don't think she ships internationally at the moment since her business is still small. :/ Why? Do they irritate your skin?

Yeah. I barely can use the ones from the pharmacy. I have huge problems with my skin when it comes to trying out different products :/

There are so many chemicals in the products we use, mostly to make them cheaper to produce. There is little care taken with commercially manufactured products as far as the health benefits - Even healthy products are quite often not so.

That sucks. :( Hope you can find some homemade ones in your area or you could just make your own if you want. I can only imagine the struggles of finding the right soap... :/

An interesting post didn't know that tomato soap would have so many benefits for the skin ..... 😊

I see and acknowledge the word soap, but these also look good enough to eat! 😀

I have tried some handmade soaps before and have always found them to be of a good quality. There seems to be a long ist of chemicals in commercially-made soaps and I think we have become too used to the simplicity of buying things from the shop, especially when much of what we consume can be made at home.

I'm glad I stumble across your post ... and very nice to see this positive review. I'm going to search for something like this in my home country. Definitely right, our skin is not made to absorb chemicals.

I use handmade soaps more often as they contain less chemicals

Awesome :D I try to use basic ingredients if not homemade for self care (coconut oil for example), or pharmacy grade stuff, my aunt makes great stuff (I get to see her once in a whilee). I still use commercial hair shampoo but I sometimes prewash with homemade (it's tricky for hair). I have easily triggered eczema, so I watch out.

The only soaps I buy now are the homemade ones made by my neighbor that are effective with my allergies and skin type! Glad you found one that works for you!

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I have heard some have struggles with allergies too and it was also a struggle for them to find the right soap... I'm glad you found what works for you as well!

I checked out her shop. Ang dami niyang products. Sana nagshi-ship siya to my place. Would want to try these handmade soaps.

Saan po ba sa inyo? Ang alam ko eh naka ship sya sa Cebu once so most probably magshiship rin siguro sya to other cities. I can ask her if you want :D

Yeah, she does. Kaya lang sold out ang tomato and active charcoal soaps niya. Nakafollow na ako sa kanya kaya bibilibako once magkaroon ng stock.