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RE: Iron Shirt steel brush training level 2

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It is similar in mind over matter. Complete concentration is needed to counteract the pain that is felt. I'm half Filipino Chinese, most people do not know the real meaning of Kung Fu. They think Kung Fu is a martial art. But the real meaning of Kung Fu is "SKILLS".

So sometimes you will hear a question like this. "how is your Kung Fu"? This means they ask about your skills or abilities of your attack and defense. But the famous in Kung Fu was the TAI CHI. I am so rusty in Wushu and Jitkundo. I never use or train my self for almost 2 years.


That’s right! Kung Fu does not mean martial arts, if you are a chef 👨‍🍳 you have Kung Fu.

I used to do Shaolin WuShu when I was in my twenties. Then I did Wing Chun on and off and now I’ve settled for Wu Xing Dao which not a style but mixing four different styles: Mian Quan, Taiji, Bagua and Meihua.

Wow, bro... WING CHUN is one of the KUNG FU that I want to learn... I did start basics of it by just watching and copy the movement. A bit similar in TAICHI but with force movement. I am thinking of the Wooden Man Dummy. It is nice to train with this dummy tool. Now, I am using only the punching bag that I made... (^_^)


Pure cotton with a bit of rock and foam around the body on it then the yellow cover was plaster tape! (^_^) Improvise brother... Hahaha...

Wing Chun is quite tricky, watching and copying the movement is good but you are missing a lot. You really need a good teacher so you can understand the reason behind the movements. Nice work on the punching bag man, you put rocks inside?? wow, I would have put sand lol, you're hardcore haha.

Hahahaha... Yes, rock bro! For sure I will miss something. Soon when this pandemic stop, I will go to wing chun school here. There's school here! Very near...

Not all schools are equal, there are many self proclaimed Wing Chun masters who are there just for the money. If they have videos, watch their posture when they do Chi Sao (sticky hands), are they straight, are they off-balance etc... go to as many test classes as you can, here my schools has a 10 class pass that you can use to test the school.