We Are All In This Together - The Frequency Of Love - David Icke

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In the end, the conspiracy doesn't matter. Love is the cure, the truth and the endgame for truth seekers.

Listen to David Icke explain why this fight is one we will win.


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I love David Icke's message and glad you shared it here where it is not at the mercy of those in charge of youtube for who gets to see it!

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I LOVE that you're sharing David Icke on @threespeak - we ALL need to hear this, and we need this content immutable and free from censorship!! Opening up this dialogue and restoring some free speech is #naturalmedicine of itself.

I feel like this is an INCREDIBLE GIFT to #hive and #naturalmedicine people everywhere.

I just discovered the #naturalmedicine community, and this probably won't be the last video I share here. LondonReal is being heavily censored all over the place, so we will try to upload as many videos as we can on 3Speak and Hive.

I appreciate your kind words:) Have a blessed day!

@yangyanje - LOOK at this!! 😍 It must have been the energy we brewed up last evening. 😍

I have to say,
I do agree with the
Idea, and practice it Myself!

I love this. Thank-you for sharing. Shared on my fb too ❤❤❤

Is David Icke still posting videos anywhere we can watch for free now that youtube and the media world have censored him?

I have always enjoyed watching David Icke, because he does not self-promote out of ego or profit like most video publishers do. Although it was his comments about lizard people who led me to want to learn more about him initially, I find that he actually makes mostly rational comments most people would agree is right.