I felt the need to reignite the fire within me

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... 'so, overlooking the sea at sunset, with candle lights, I went into a flow'

...a Vinyasa Flow

candlelight yoga.jpeg

Sitting cross-legged, I'm pleasantly surprised as I observe the lack of tension in my hips. With that, I decided to just breathe - deep breaths, as I centred my mind, focused my intentions, and let go of any expectation of myself on the mat.

Getting into a cat-cow pose, I'm enjoying the stretching of my abs, back and neck and I feel an inner smile within me, and I'm thinking how much I missed doing my yoga.

We lose track sometimes, don't you?

I love yoga and my practice is dear to me, but due to imposed restrictions and freedom of movement, I decided to mix up my exercise routines to avoid boredom and monotonic activities. This was also a positive, because I got back into my pool aerobics, which improves my mobility, toning and cardio health.

Great! BUT! I missed the breath, body and mind connection that I get from Yoga.

In simple terms, yoga means to unite or join, and can I say, within minutes of my flow, I started to rhythmically reconnect with myself through breathing and body movements, which feels as natural as dancing!

Focusing on each posture at a time, I notice that my forward bends are not as easy as they normally are, so I take it in stride.

Never sacrifice the body for the glory of the pose.

I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately, so I apprehensively approach my balancing section of my yoga, with no great hopes. Again, I'm marvelled.

Our muscles do have memories, and my balancing act is onpoint with great mobility in my spine and shoulders.


Over a decade ago, when I used to toy with yoga for it's physical benefits (asana) only, I bought a pack of yoga cards while on a trip to London. I still have those cards.

On one of the cards, there's a quick tip from the author: Karen Gardner, RN, MPH 8/2002

Integrating Yoga Into Your Life

"Yoga seeks to create balance between the body, mind and spirit. In doing so, it suggests that you replace negative thoughts and attitudes with positive and productive ones.

Yoga encourages you to eliminate stress carrier and behaviours such as competitiveness, egotism, and perfectionism. Yoga encourages you to increase stress reducer behaviours such as seeking assistance, identifying priorities and creating a sense of calmness and balance in all aspects of your life."

As a self taught yogi, overtime I've developed an appreciation of all the benefits yoga provides. I've grown spiritually, and yoga keeps me grounded. I continue to reap the physical benefits of the practice to my overall holistic health.

Yoga gives me light.

"A thousand candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened." - Buddha

In essence: 'Happiness never decreases by being shared. Bring joy and light wherever you go.'

Yoga is for everyone. Have you ever tried it?

Sending positive vibrations to all Hivers and Yoga lovers across the universe.

One Love!

PS. The moon is in a waxing gibbous phase tonight, and it's stunning.😍


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Hi! what a great post! I've been practicing yoga since 2 years ago and day by day my yoga practice became very important to me and my entire life! Yoga give so much.Namaste and you will have a new reader.

😊 Thank you so much @gabrielaflores
Yoga is amazing beyond words. All good wishes to you as you continue on your yoga journey 😍

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Nice post! Working with our bodies is such a wonderful experience. I've also had the opportunity to resume physical training recently, and I too have been amazed by how good my condition and muscular memory has remained during this time of confinement.

Good energy! Keep it up!

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Thank you very much!😊
Yes, our bodies have amazing abilities. It's up to us to explore them.

Have a great day:)