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Sheila Jordan people. Ninety two years old. This woman knows where her fuel comes from, knows what nourishes her, and, in nourishing herself, she nourishes us.

I have been blessed with a tiny music club that refused to close its doors for very long. It has been bringing live music to its itty bitty part of the world, despite. The houses are downright wee. The atmospheres are downright mighty.

If you have not gone out to hear live music, I urge you to do so immediately. The benefits FAR outweigh any risks. Music being made now is extraordinary, transcendental. Heart powering. Life saving. Music awakens your self-healing abilities. Go.

I am one of the lucky humans who does not fear the breath of my fellow humans. Sheila Jordan is another. She is still living her passions, full out.

I was there when Sheila Jordan transformed a small basement into a vessel of love.

All things are now possible.



Thanks for the tweet!

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The Melbourne music scene has been floored, hammered and all but obliterated. Terrible times. We have a strong music scene but COVID laws rendered it asunder. There goes my son's career as a sound engineer. I miss live music a lot.

It has been here too! Musicians have not had gigs for a year. Musicians took on the covid con HARD. This place is gradually coaxing them back into playing together, and for tiny audiences. They always start out the night all masked, then one by one take them off. When those masks come off, the music soars.

I didn't name the club because they get a lot of flack, get reported a lot. They are following the strict but irrational guidelines as best they can. I think they are grateful for those of us who dare be there. No one has reported getting sick there, not one case of covid has traced back to there. Vocalists singing out Louise, and horns blasting. When the musicians come back to life, the rest of us will.

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What an amazing woman, I too am not afraid and have ventured out to a few gatherings, with music and singing. This is exactly what we need right now. I love to hear of this happening, thank you xxxxx