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It's been a wonderful couple of weeks with the 21 Day Abundance Challenge (this is in the Natural Medicine Discord server here There will be another one happening in January so be on the look out for it) which has been adding so much to my life along with a book I am reading The Art of Dying - This is one of the free resources found at www.Pariyatti.org.

I want to share some of my insights gained...


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We are conditioned beings often just blindly reacting to things. We have old patterns and habits that cause us to react in certain ways. We are often driven by our cravings (for pleasure and such) or aversions (to suffering or pain and such), arising from our unconscious mind.

That is unless...

Self Awareness Self Acceptance

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

We can become more aware and start to eradicate those habits of blind reaction! Work towards seeing things more equanimously and responding instead of just reacting.

Plus having the knowledge that all things are impermanent, they are constantly coming into being and passing away, and become more of an equanimous observer so we can see those patterns, habits, reactions beginning to arise and let them go, not get caught up in them!

With this heightened awareness, it is important also to have self acceptance.

To know and accept yourself as you are.

As we become aware of our flaws and shortcomings also be aware that you are a part of this beautiful unfolding universe and everything in the universe is as it should be, in perfect harmony!

So accept all the people and circumstances in your life exactly as they are for it is from this point of awareness and acceptance that you can grow!

If you are experiencing intense emotions, ask yourself -

Where are these emotions coming from and where will they take me

Are they coming from a place of love and compassion? Are they going to be liberating or just tie me into that constant cycle of craving or aversion?

Remember also the law of Karma (Sanskrit)/kamma(Pali) - cause and effect.

That doing wholesome acts will bring about wholesome results and doing unwholesome acts will bring about unwholesome acts!

Keep a balanced mind and have gratitude for all you have in your life!

ocean paterns abundance.jpg
Image by Patty Talavera from Pixabay

Know that abundance is there, just waiting for you to see it!

With the New Year coming up (or something you can do on your birthday) reflect on the past year or your life to this point and make a firm resolution not to repeat any mistakes you had previously committed, learn from them, and then continue forward doing meritorious deeds, bringing more happiness into your life!

I feel very fortunate to have a vipassana meditation practice in my life that helps me become more aware and better able to be the observer, seeing things equanimously, putting me more in touch with my true nature!

It's amazing what is on the internet now a days!

The late S.N. Goenka's, a Vipassana teacher in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, has his discourses from a 10 Day Vipassana Course on line! In the book The Art of Dying there were some summaries given from these discourses which were invaluable for helping my understanding grow and giving me insights. I'll be listening to these discourses and shared the playlist with you below -

May there be Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all Mankind!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I especially loved your abundance image - exactly the same one I chose as the header for our recent Abundance 21 Meditation Group. :) It all starts - and ends - with awareness.

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Goenka rulez!
The ten day vipassana course, maybe the hardest thing I ever did.

 4 years ago  

I did a 10 day course and made a tremendous difference in my life!
I don't know of anywhere else you could get the quality of discourses as with S.N. Goenka so I was very pleased to see they were on Youtube!

Wow that's wonderful!! I missed send start of it and will have to join you all in January. Yes, the self reflection piece is so key. It's so easy to start spinning down the rabbit hole of negative patterns I like to feel observe and ask myself what I really want and what actions will take me in that direction. Thanks for a great mindful Monday 💜🙏🏻

Gonna check these out!!

@porters, you probably have opened up another universe to me. I'm not yet sure whether I may stand to "have nine more (days) left to work. to work very hard [..]" But I love the fact that I could do. The art of dying! Thanks you for sharing this playlist!!