And So It Contuines - My Healing Journey!

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I arrived not knowing what to expect,
I took my place within the circle, letting my guard down
surrendering to what ever was about to unfold.
Calling in the ancestors, those whose cycles remained unbroken,
destructive cycles that end up in us repeating,
repeating patterns,
patterns of pain and hurt
of silence and violence,
breathing deep!
To break down barriers
that prevent us from evolving!

This surge of energy
enters the space
and I sit on the outside looking in,
watching as my life unfolds,
of secrets untold
finally set free!
Witnessing the roles that we so often fall into,
roles that have been laid out for us,
We Do Not Know Any Better!
And yet
that glimmer of light
shines through
and there I make the connection,
I feel the suppressed anger,
rising up in me
waves of emotions
carry me,
there is no longer any walls
just the freedom to feel and to be.
To Be!

I can finally see,
see the pain that held us all back
the distance it created,
the inability to reach out,
this void that stands between us!
Calling to be filled with compassion and understanding, with healing!

The first of many steps,
finally I surrender and find myself on this path,
open and ready to receive.
to reconnect.

The universe providing me, with these opportunities,
asking me to change the way in which I perceive,
the way in which I choose to respond,
because I have a choice
and there in lies my power.
My power of transformation!


This is not meant to be a poem, this is just the way in which my healing flows, each step so powerful and transformative!

We can be so blind, blind sighted by age old trauma, not able to see the hurt and pain in others. How it is reflected back onto us. How we suffocate ourselves with our pain, with our loss if self. How we become that person, who is stuck, unable to see a way out, always repeating the same patterns, over and over again!

It takes courage, to step out, to allow yourself to become an observer and see all sides, feel everyone's pain and hurt. Because we are all hurting, we are all trying to just survive, in a world where connection with self has been all but depleted.

So what are we left with, what have we become!

Shadows of who we once were, or the building blocks of who we will be!

It is all a matter of perception, we chose what we do with our pain and suffering, whether or not we wish to transform it.
Yes it is painful and yes it tears us apart. But only so we can come back even stronger than before!

We need to take the first step in our healing, to open up and take each opportunity that arises. To say yes! I finally allowed others to help me on my journey, I have let go of this desire to heal myself by myself. There are people that come into your life, that offer you are gift, the gift of healing! The strength comes from within, but the unity that comes from connecting with others, allowing them to hold space for you as you transform, that in itself, broke down many barriers for me!

And so it continues, each day, bringing with it a new opportunity to empower myself!



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Thanks so much xx

You're very welcome! :)

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