Bitshares AI music challenge! Win some BTS for creating music with AI!

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Check out, it's an AI based service for generating music from a very basic input such as a topic (like Bitshares), genres (like electronic) and general vibes.

See below, I used this platform to generate a song to encourage Bitshares users to vote for my Astro dev worker proposal, it's quite an impressive service and provides you two versions of each generated song for you to choose from.


You can generate 5 songs (each with 2 variations) for free each day, however you don't retain commercial ownership over the song with a free account.

Here's some of the songs I've generated: Digital Democracy, Binance Blues, Crypto Inferno, Rise of Bitshares, The Bullish Bitmix, Voiceless in the Blockchain, Crypto Hustle, Bitshares Hustle, Bitshares Money

From my limited testing, it's pretty good at generating at least 50 seconds of a track then ends with trailing music. You can continue a song, however you cannot ask the platform to generate further lyrics related to the song - you'll need to use chatgpt or provide your own lyrics.

So let's get to the purpose of this thread already!

Bitshares AI music challenge - #001

Using the, generate a song and depending on how many people listen to it you could win some of the following prizes!

This is a community ran contest, Suno is not involved nor partnered with this contest.


PlaceBase rewardThumbs up bonusMax possible total reward
1st10,000 BTS5 BTS15,000 BTS
2nd5,000 BTS3 BTS8,000 BTS
3rd2,500 BTS1 BTS3,500 BTS

The thumbs up bonus BTS reward is limited to 1000 thumbs up (on suno) per winner.

Don't yet have a Bitshares account? Create one for free now!

Entry conditions:

  • Must include the word "Bitshares" at least once in the lyrics
  • Must use to generate song.
  • Non AI generated lyrics are allowed (advanced custom mode), but don't plagiarize.
  • All genres and languages are allowed
  • No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. You can create hive, bitshares and suno accounts for free.
  • Minimum song playtime of 30 seconds.
  • Unlimited entries are allowed
  • The deadline for entries will be the 15th April 2024 @ Noon UTC time.
  • The winning songs will be evaluated on 22nd April 2024 @ Noon UTC time.
  • Ownership of the entered songs will remain that of the contestant (or Suno if the winner is using a freemium account); no transfer of ownership of any form will take place by entering the contest.
  • Adhere to Suno's terms of service.

How to enter:

  • Create a Bitshares account for possible winnings.

  • Create an account on Suno and generate a song related to Bitshares using their service.

  • Make your song public (located in the library item settings menu) - it'll show "public" like:

    • image.png
  • Subscribe to the Bitshares hive community

    • image.png
  • Create a dedicated hive blog post for your song

    • Post to the Bitshares hive community (hive-120117)
      • image.png
    • Include the following post tag: #bitshares
    • Include a link to your Suno song in your blog post (don't self host it).
    • Include your generated song's media in the post!
      • Examples: Replace YOUR_TRACK_ID with your song's ID
        • Video:
        • Audio:
        • Small image:
        • Large image:
    • Include a link to your Bitshares account on blocksights, e.g.
  • Link to your dedicated song blog post in the comments of this thread for easier tracking of entries

How to win:

  • The top 3 songs with the highest play count on Suno will win.
  • The top 3 winners will receive a base reward, and an additional reward for up to 1000 thumbs up on Suno each.
  • To get more listens and thumbs up, share your completed songs on social media.
  • The better and catchier the song, the more likely you'll be to win.

How the winners will be selected:

  • Each song will be added to a public playlist for this challenge round.
  • The playlist will provide each song's play_count & upvote_count in a single API query
  • The highest play_count song owners will win, and their upvote_count rewarded with the bonus multiplier.

Like this idea? If it's successful I'll consider running additional rounds in the future.

Let's see how this challenge goes and we'll make any adjustments to rules between rounds.

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Great timing:

Will Ad agency's utilize AI and license their own images/videos/music?

Probably, yeah.

If you've got a group of musicologists who can gauge whether generated audio is legitimately good, then that could save costs on song royalties, plus the song itself might end up succeeding.

The songs I generated took me 5 minutes to create prompts for, it's for sure good enough for 30 second segments. This contest itself it a test of what people can come up with too, it shouldn't take any contestant more than 15 mins to register and enter the contest.

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