Bitshares DEX Astro UI - Developer showcase! Create/Edit credit offers!

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Welcome back to the Astro UI Dev update blog!

This blog aims to continue updating you with regards to the development of the Bitshares Astro UI; a DEX UI which aims to be the most performant BTS DEX UI possible!

So what's new in today's dev blog post?

Today I'm glad to announce that the create/update credit offer functionality is now supported in the Astro UI!

When you navigate to the page from the homepage or the navigation menu, you'll be presented the create offer form & if you navigate to this page from the credit offer overview page you'll be shown the editor view.

First, let's check out the index page with the new navigation links:


When you select the "lend funds" option from the index page or the drop down menu, you'll be brought to the following page:


On the credit offer overview page borrowers & offer owners can easily navigate to this page via a new button:


This button is simply the URL with ?id=1.21.584 appended to it, which is all we need to switch form modes and fetch the data from the elysiajs server.

Want more info? Check out this screen recording of it in use!

So what're you waiting for? Get running the code for yourself!

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