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About the CTPContent Contest, especially about the post counter that appears in the link, it seems that it doesn’t work properly, is the contest based on that counter, or will you do a manual count?

Thank you for everything.


Hi @filmspace,
Thanks for the mention @oivas. You will find the count of the contest on this website. However since the contest will run until 30th of november there is actually not enough time to get 30 posts in a row until then. To qualify you need to have a post written every day for 30 days without missing a single day. Also not all posts count for the contest. You can't put posts that are part of another contest or challenge. Also there are some minimal quality requirement that you find on the website and each of the posts needs to carry the #ctpcontent tag. It's @blainjones who is running the contest. Maybe he can help you out.

Hi @achim03

Thank you for your kind and helpful reply, a few days ago I read the contest rules, and I started posting three days ago, I think the goal of 30 post in 30 days ending November 30 was possible for me. I made a post for another contest too, but that post doesn’t count, since I didn’t use the tags, and it was my second post in one day. I thought I read that the counter would only take one post per day, so I have waited at least 24 hours difference between each post. But unfortunately I couldn’t read of the quality requirements, I guess it must be about that. I just thought the web counter was not working because there are people who appear with 30 post and have not posted 30 days in a row. Thank you very much for your reply.

Looking at your posts, all posts are on GMT time, You created one on Nov 1 at 22:57 and the next post on Nov 3 at 00:01. This is why they weren't counted

It's a shame, I didn't know anything about GTM time.

Well no matter, I guess it will be next time, but I still think they should check the counter. Thank you very much for your help.

Yeah I verified the counter was good to go and everything. It all works properly!!

I must have seen wrong, I thought I saw that the counter shows people with 30 posts, when in fact they haven't posted in a long time. But I don't know, thank you.

Yes, they have already completed the challenge. Once they complete the no longer need to post daily

Hello @filmspace

Thanks for stopping by. I am not the owner of the contest. I am a participant just like you. I will tag my friend @achim03 over here. Let's see if he knows anything. Hi, @achim03, if you could guide about the user's query. Will help. :)

Also, ensure that you put the ctpcontent tag in the posts that you wish to have counted. It is auto-counted. We don't have to do anything. Hence I am not sure why yours aren't captured.

Did you register your account on the link? That's how they track you and the tag.

Hello @oivas

Thank you very much for your reply, it was very helpful.