Hive Team Celebrates Christmas with Lumad School Children

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The Hive Team from Davao City celebrated an early Christmas activity in coordination with local Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), the Philippine National Police, and the Department of Education to bring joy to a Lumad community in a far-flung area of Davao City, Philippines.

The combined forces of NGO's, private companies, crypto communities and local authorities resulted in Lumad school children of Luyan Elementary School receiving Early Christmas Gifts (Sitio Luyan, Barangay Tambobong, Baguio District, Davao City, Philippines).

The Hive team were composed of DBuzz founder Chris Rice (@chrisrice), co-founder Nathan Senn (@nathansenn), Japanese national Hideki Aoki, Ed Umbao ( from news website, and DBuzz consultant Ken Berey. Together with the team of volunteers from Jaycees Club International (JCI), Davao Mt. Apo Eagles Club, the Mindanao Blockchain Association and in coordination with the Department of Education and the local Philippine National Police, brought joys and smiles to the Lumad residents in Sitio Luyan.

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Traveling from Jollibee Ulas to Sitio Luyan

The entire team agreed to embark from Jollibee Ulas located on Diversion Road, Talomo District of Davao City and passed through the Davao-Bukidnon Road traversing the long-winding road for more than one hour before reaching the uphill Sitio Luyan, Baguio District, Davao City.

The volunteers from Hive, DBuzz, @retzark, JCI, Mindanao Blockchain Association and other private company sponsors such as Xpedia, Quinex, Angel Wings, Ozmik, and NCCC Cares brought some presents to the more than 150 student learners studying at Luyan Elementary School.

The team of around 11 vehicles traveling from the City to the remote barangay was escorted by some PNP personnel onboard a Police Patrol car to secure the area and to provide security for the volunteers and visitors of the gift-giving activity.

All the children studying in the multi-grade classroom came from nearby areas and belong to the Obo-Manobo Tribe headed by Tribal leader, Alfredo Ombol.

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Bringing Smiles to the Lumads

The gift-giving activities started with an impressive welcome dance performance from the volunteers representing DBuzz, Hive, Retzark, JCI, Mindanao Blockchain Association, IrisNet, Xpedia, Quinex, Angel Wings, Ozmic and NCCC cares.

The parents of the children studying at Luyan Elementary School enjoyed the performance of volunteer groups visiting their area as they anticipated the gifts to be given to their respective children.

Sponsors of the events as well the organizers headed by JCI Malagos and Davao Mt. Apo Eagles Club, together with the sponsors that included the Hive team, Blockchain Network Philippines, Xpedia and Ozmik were given an opportunity to each share their inspiring messages to the beneficiaries of the Early Christmas Gift-Giving activities (December 14, 2023).

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Chris Rice' Message to Children

DBuzz Founder Chris Rice shared an interesting message to the Lumad children of Luyan Elementary School who were very grateful with the inspiration they got and the gifts they were about to receive.

Chris Rice was grateful in visiting the Lumad school and in giving some nice gifts, which was received with enthusiasm and applause from the children.

The DBuzz founder encouraged children to also practice giving and practice sharing because for him he found in his life that it is the easiest first step to success.

He also noted that after giving and sharing, the next step is probably social skills that includes good communication, being kind, telling the truth, talking gently and they will learn more about that when they're older as he also encouraged parents and teachers to teach social skills about how to build not just kind children but kind societies, and that's the reason they were there.

Chris Rice did not forget to mention and gave credit to Ken Berey from Blockchain Network Philippines (@blocknetworkph) and Mindanao Blockchain Association for inviting the Hive Team to be part of the gift-giving activities as he ended his speech encouraging everybody to give a little bit and to make it a life practice.

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Actual Gift-Giving and Bidding Farewell to the Community

During the well-organized gift-giving activities, the children enjoyed a total of four bags of assorted items composed of hygiene kits, school supplies, goodies and other items needed by the students as they were all smiling upon receiving their gifts.

The volunteers also provided food packs from Jollibee to the 150 school children benificiaries with some of them partaking Jolibee food for the first time in their life.

Rice porridge and some goodies and drinks were also given to the parents, relatives and other attendees of the Early Christmas Gift-Giving activities.

The volunteer team and donors from Davao City were escorted by the PNP back to our areas safely after bidding farewell to the parents and the Lumad community members who were very grateful as seen on their faces celebrating an early Christmas treat from JCI, Mt. Apo Eagles Club and the Hive Team.


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As the Dbuzz team, you are doing great things.
I hope that one day these will be rewarded very well. Merry christmas. 🎄🧑‍🎄🎁

Christmas ⛄🎁⛄🎁 🎅🎅🎄🎁🎅🎄🎁🎄🌌🌌🌌

Congratulations 👏🎉 Christmas 🎁🎄🎁🎄

congrats to the DBuzz team for this wonderful gifts to Pinoy kids.
hoping more to come.