Not perfect looking but tasty sourdough bread

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Now I come back to full sourdough baking.

My first attempt with wheat sourdough wasn't perfect as you can see in the pictures below. But I think it's good to share imperfect ones too 😅



But I think its taste was super. As a proof, after it cooled down, we sliced and ate and sliced and ate then almost half of the bread was gone. My daughter and I as butter monsters, put plenty of bread on the slices 🧈🧈🧈🧈🧈


Next dough is sleeping in my fridge, which is made with Lievito Madre sourdough I learned recently from @neumannsalva.

I'll see how it works. My daughter and I went to buy French butter to be ready for the loaf 😁


小麦のサワードウで焼いた最初のパンは・・・上の写真のように見た目がイマイチでした。でも、こういうのを共有するのもいいですよね。他の人の励みになることを願います 😅



サワードウについて投稿したら針仕事の月曜日で長きにわたってご一緒&お互いドイツの @neumannsalva さんからLievito Madreというサワードウについて教えてくれました。手持ちのサワードウをLievito Madre風に作り替えて作った生地がすでに冷蔵庫に眠っています。

今度はかっこいいパンが焼けるかな。次のパンに備えて今朝子どもとフランス産バターを買いに行ってきて準備万端です 🧈😁


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Who cares for the look - important is the taste (and how it smells).

And the crusty crust 😁 (I care the out look ... I'm always seeing inside the oven for the first 5-10 minutes 😂)