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A New Product Review from a Local Indonesian Franchise
With Food Photography

There are times when I'm not always ready to be in the kitchen. There are times when I just want to be in front of the TV with my mother, and order the food that my mother wants to eat. I prefer to put my mother's wishes first because I can eat anything while my mother can no longer eat some types of food that can harm her health.

So this time I ordered snacks from local franchises in Indonesia, which are quite well known here. The brand is Richesee Factory.

The reason I order through an online food ordering application is that they offer a lot of discounts for regular customers of the application. I ordered through the “Grab Food” application, an application that has the main service of ordering online transportation for motorbikes and cars, which then evolved into food ordering services.

About Richesee Factory

Richesee Factory is a restaurant with the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concept which was first released in Bandung, Indonesia in 2011.

As the name of this brand, Richesee Factory has a characteristic in products that serve food with cheese sauce. Richesee Factory focuses on chicken and potato products.

Besides being known for its delicious cheese sauce, Richesee Factory is known for its spicy spices for fried chicken products.

Look What I Have Ordered


I have ordered Potato Smiles and Spicy Treats Twisted Fries, and the fried chicken menu for my mother.

I have never tried these two snack menus before. When I saw the list of the two snacks on the menu, I was immediately interested in buying them at that time.

Twisted Spicy Treats Review

For Twisted Spicy Treats, I bought it for 17K Indonesian Rupiah or 1.13 in USD.


How about the taste of Twisted Spicy Treats? Products made from twisted potatoes. I think it's not too spicy for those of me who like it spicy. But the texture and taste are quite good when eaten warm. Just like other potato products, it will be strange if we eat them cold. With a special sauce from Richesee Factory, at least the Spicy Treats Twisted snack will be more delicious.

Potato Smiles


What do you think about these Potato Smiles at a glance? In my opinion, several sides make me see the shape is weird. What a strange smile.


But let's get rid of the shape. How about the taste? The texture on the inside is quite soft with the outside that is not hard so it covers the inside well.

Salty and cheesy, perfect for a tea snack. My mother likes it too.

I bought Potato Smiles for 22 K Indonesian Rupiah or 1.466 in USD. A decent price for a good potato snack compared to typical french fries which are somewhat similar.

I'm sure kids will love the shape of these Potato Smiles too.


What do you think about Potato Smiles? Have you ever consumed these kinds of products in your country?


Anggrek Lestari.

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The snacks look very tasty

Indeed, my family love it :)


No I haven't had food that's made to "smile" haha, except for imported boxed potato snacks I think. So no fresh food with a smile.

Thanks for the review and I'm really wondering what it tastes like, being the food lover that I am 😅

And because I know how technology has evolved in other parts of the world; like ordering food with one click and paying electronically; that I get so impatient that my country is so behind 🙈
Oh well, breathe in and breathe out hahaha

In my country, it's like the crazy world with one click. But grateful for the easier aspects.

I hope one day your country will in touch with fast technology:) ❤️

Yeah me too, there have been some strides, I won't lie, but not fast enough. There are a few apps to order food during lockdown, but not enough businesses on those apps and when they are they don't deliver in my vicinity. But I'm hopeful, I must be 😅

And I know what you mean, there are some things I would rather do physical than online.

 last year  

Mantaaap nian 😁

Makasih, Dokter :)

Smile fries are the BEST :D

Don't let them be cold :)

I'm so unhappy that there are no laughing potatoes in my country! :)) I have never seen them so in Turkey.

Maybe we can make homemade potato smiles :)

Of course this is an option. Maybe I can try. :))

It look so tasty!


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The smiles look happy, but the problem with cheese it that it can't be produced unless sentient peaceful female mammals are raped their whole lives, and their babies killed so that we can use the breastmilk. Otherwise it's great.

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Kue yang enak ya kak, kak boleh minta nmr WA nya kak..