¡Mi Bolonia y mi segundo blog!!!

Hello my dear Hivelovers I hope you are having a happy Sunday, full of energy and the best vibrations, I am happy to greet you and start writing my second blog. I was living for almost 7 years in the Dominican Republic, the pandemic started and we decided as a family to change our eating habit, because we are vegans, we replaced the diet we had with plant-based foods, proteins such as tofu, more grains, fruits among others, and even stopping consuming eggs was quite a challenge. We started our trip and the truth is that we felt great. In short, a long time passed after the pandemic we decided to return to Venezuela and the situation in my country is a secret to no one and maintaining a vegan diet, I want to tell you that we have had to stop eating 80% vegan food after 2 years of achieving it , since in my country there are no good quality products, besides that all those products here are much more expensive and how much I like to eat almond cheese, make pancakes for my girls with almond flour, coconut oil , buying vegan butter or mayonnaise, everything has been a very strong process, and I even miss the textured soy.

Today my recipe below is a sauce that I really liked to prepare with textured soy, but in the absence of this we substituted ground meat again, we used very little for our preparation. I want to show you step by step and with ingredients that are easy to find right now in my city, the first thing we are going to do is get a good big onion, a lot of garlic, I like to put two of those chili peppers that are a bit spicy, we use 4 tomatoes ripe to put them to boil, while we fry everything else, I also like to have a sauce that comes ready made of natural tomato with a lot of basil flavor, here I show you what you should have at home.











Once we have fried all the ingredients, we add the ground meat and there we begin our process of cooking everything, now that is done we begin to add our juice from our 4 boiled tomatoes, I did not want to use more so as not to make so much sauce because it was very little amount of meat, this is done we are adding our ready tomato sauce that comes flavored with basil very easy to find in the supermarket and that will give a healthier flavor to our sauce, I really like that it tastes of basil and oregano and even I add a little to my sauce so that it tastes more like Italian food, the important thing about this is that the sauce is healthy and homemade and that we can make it with simple ingredients. I particularly like to let it cook over low heat and while cooking I add some basil leaves at home I have plants of this species and I like it because it gives it an incredible flavor, I hope you enjoy it and you are encouraged to cook like me.
While I cook I always like to drink a little from my wine reserves, this is the perfect accompaniment, I always say, for a meal at home made with love.






I hope you enjoy making this easy and delicious recipe, I put a lot of red pepper in it, I also recommend that with short pasta it is richer. I really like penne pasta, I want you to share this recipe with a family member or a special date, bon appetit for everyone and happy Sunday.

All photos and content are my property.


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Thanyouuuu ♥️❤️🙏

Congratulations on your achievement! Keep up the great work and good luck reaching your next target!

I'm vegan food lovers too. Since in my city some vegan ingredients really expensive, so I just tried my best eat possible vegan food for my wallet 😀

Your food looks really great for the dinner. I love pasta but with spicy sauce, not tomato sauce.

happy day darling, I really appreciate that you write to me, if I understand. but in Venezuela it is more expensive to eat vegan and good quality products than to eat a simple animal protein😞🙈🫶🏻❤️

Buenas noches @bykareee

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Una vez más, bienvenida a Foodies Bee Hive. Saludos.

Muchas gracias por la información, lo aprecio y lo valoro mucho, hice todo mi esfuerzo para mi segundo post! Bendiciones y estoy feliz de iniciar en Esta comunidad 🙏✨♥️🫶🏻


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