Bolitas de queso y plátano/ Cheese and banana balls

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Hola mi quería comunidad de hive

Hello my dear beehive community

Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes una sencilla receta para esas meriendas que se nos antojas en las tardes! Espectacular para acompañarlo con una buena taza de café😍

Today I want to share with you a simple recipe for those snacks that we crave in the afternoon! Spectacular to accompany it with a good cup of coffee😍




  1. Harina de maíz
  2. Harina de trigo
  3. Maizina
  4. Plátano
  5. Anís
  6. Queso
  7. azúcar

Wheat flour

La cantidad exacta de cada cosa lo hago al ojo, simplemente va a depender del gusto y la cantidad que quieras

The exact amount of each thing I do to the eye, it will simply depend on the taste and the amount you want




-Lo primero que tenemos que hacer es la masa, la cual es harina de maíz y agua, luego de unirlo, se le agrega la harina de trigo y la maizina, esto es poco en realidad, es solo para que las bolitas esten mas crugientes, (si la masa está muy dura se le agrega un poco más de agua para que se consiga la textura deseada).

The first thing we have to do is the dough, which is cornmeal and water, after joining it, add the wheat flour and the cornstarch, this is very little actually, it is just so that the balls are more crunchy , (If the dough is very hard, add a little more water to achieve the desired texture).

-Se le agrega la azúcar, se sigue amasando, se raya el plátano, seguidamente se le agrega el anís y el queso

add the sugar, continue kneading, scratch the banana, then add the anise and cheese




-Se hacen una bolitas y listo! Al aire fryer, en caso de no tener se fríen

they make a small balls and voila! To the air fryer, in case of not having fry.






Hola! parece rico! los voy a probar :)

Si los llegas a probar me dices que tal, la verdad es perfecto para una merienda!!

Love your Foodie post!

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Cheese and bananas- FRIED!
I am so in!
Bookmarked to make when I get home in a few weeks.
I will share my final for you to judge.
I can't wait YUMMMMMM!
Thanks so much for sharing!

It is very divine, I hope you try it and like it!

I'm sure I will! I can't wait to cook it!

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Looks delicious.