Recipe of Egg Curry 🥚

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Today i would like to share Egg curry recipe, it is clear from it's name eggs are dip in spicy Onion tomatoes thick gravy is super delicious, flavoursome and easy to make. As we know Eggs have been an important source of nutrition.
This Egg Curry has a burst of flavours and will surely impress everyone who loves eating eggs.

My no train journey is incomplete without having egg curry in train. Yes, i love eating eggs Curry As I and my family prefer to eat egg curry only in winters as egg contain mineral called zinc, which helps to fight against winter flu and cold.


Well, neither 'm chef nor professional photographer, as dish is made common ground spices of India, photos are so so, because it took lot of time to clicked pictures after every steps,As i love making blog in hive, so i click some my daily cooking photos and share my recipe to everyone.

Ingredients 🧾




1️⃣ Two medium sized onion 🧅

2️⃣ Two medium sized tomato 🍅

3️⃣ 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds, turmeric, coriander powder & Salt to taste 🧂

4️⃣ half clove of garlic 🧄 n small piece of ginger.

5️⃣ 2 tablespoon oil.🛢️

6️⃣ 4 Eggs 🥚🥚🥚🥚

Let's fry the eggs




Most of the people don't like to fry the egg after boiling it, but i always prefer to toast the egg in some spicy as it gives more aroma and flavor to eggs. Let's see how i fried eggs for curry, take a kadhai put 2 teaspoon of oil, add turmeric, red Chilli and salt mix it well, now add eggs let them fry for 2 minutes.

Tips- with the help of fork, make whole overall the egg,so that spices goes insides the eggs.

How to make Egg Curry 🧑‍🍳

The procedure for making egg curry is just like any other curry. It starts with making the onion tomato base which is common in almost to every Indian dish serve in Dinner.


Step 1️⃣ Take the same fry pan/kadai, add oil let it heat for 20 sec, now add cumin seeds, then add giner garlic paste utill get smokey. saute the chopped onion untill it start to brown.


Step 2️⃣ Now add all the spices at low flame, Saute until the mixture is fragrant. it's time to add tomato puree,saute utill mixture come together.


Step 3️⃣ When you see oil separating from the mixture, it is time to add some hot water into it. Season with salt, add garam masala(optional) and fried eggs to the pan.

step 4️⃣ Mix everything and cook for another 2 mintures, off the flame, garnish it with green coriander leaves.

Serve the hot egg curry with chapaties and Rice.



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