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Are you hungry today? Well, let me share my food to you! Just kidding! I just want to share these foods and they have been in my gallery highlights lately. Before going to the review center my partner and I made sure that our stomachs are full. So, we had visited random restaurants. First, we had this day that we craved for some barbecue. So we went to one of our favorite fast food chains, Ribshack. I love their new korean barbecue recipe. The sauce makes it perfect. We also bought our favorite fruit mix which is available in the grocery store. I love it because it's healthy although they added some sweetened milk. I also captured some of our food preparations during the celebration of my brother's simple birthday celebration. As usual, he does not want any grand celebration because he wants to keep the money to be spend in a grand celebration and he is planning to buy laptop too. I am thankful for all of these foods in our table. How about you? Want to share some food of yours?

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