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RE: Super Smooth Milk Pudding With Two Ingredients

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Milk requires female cows to be raped and tortured, and the male babies killed for veal, and the female babies to be enslaved and raped like their mothers, forever. If you use milk, you are causing intelligent sentient creatures to be abused and killed for your temporary pleasure. Please stop causing so much pain and suffering, you are not getting anything nutritionally from that breastmilk, in fact it is leeching nutrients from your body, and has to be fortified with plant vitamins so it doesn't make you sick. Most humans can't properly digest breastmilk after the age of 5, because it isn't natural. Humans are the only animals to drink the breastmilk of other animals, and we have only been doing so for a few thousand years. This "treat" is made of blood, pus, bacteria, and feces, which are all present in cow breastmilk. This is disgusting behaviour for any animal, especially one that calls itself civilized. Please educate yourself to this reality, and if you already know it, then please search your soul and find the cause of your evil. You must stop the murdering, and celebrating it as though you are anything but a murderer.