Super Smooth Milk Pudding With Two Ingredients

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A Simple Pudding Recipe Using a Milk Box Mold
With Food Photography

We always need a simple dessert to save us from a bad mood and to create cherish in the family or even alone

I call dessert a treatment for a bad day, even though you don't have to have a bad day first to eat dessert. But it's not every day that I make dessert for my family.


Then, have you ever thought about making a dessert from two ingredients? So this time I will share with you a dessert recipe with only two ingredients that don't need extra work to make it. We only need milk and "agar-agar" or jelly powder.



- 1 Liter of Sweetened or Unsweetened Fresh Milk.

But here I'm only using 500 ml of milk because I'm out of stock. So you can use 1 liter of milk if you want to make more milk pudding portions. This amount of milk will not affect the texture of the pudding later, as long as the correct amount of "agar-agar" powder is used.

- 1 sachet of "agar-agar" powder, about 7 grams.

Important Notes for Pudding Mold

What makes this recipe practical is the use of fresh milk in a box. The box is then made into a pudding mold.

The use of a milk box as a pudding mold has advantages that are worth considering compared to using a pudding mold in general.


Using a milk box as a mold will make the pudding easier to remove so that the pudding will still be in good shape. Unlike the use of pudding molds in general, which requires extra care to remove the pudding to keep it in good shape.

The pudding in the milk box looks non-sticky on the sides of the box. So using the milk box as a pudding mold is highly recommended in this recipe.

Cooking Instructions

- Step 1

Prepare fresh milk in box packaging. Put the milk in the cooking pot, then prepare the milk box into a mold.

To make a mold from a milk box, we only need to cut the top of the milk box after opening the folds there.

- Step 2

Add the powder "agar-agar" powder to the milk, then cook until it boils.

Continue to stir the milk throughout the cooking process, and use medium heat instead of high heat.

It is important to make sure that you bring the milk mixture and the "agar-agar" powder to a boil. If you lift it before it is completely boiling, then you will fail to make a liquid pudding that is perfectly set custard pudding.

- Step 3

Remove the pudding, then stir so that the hot steam is reduced. Then transfer the pudding to the milk box mold that has been previously prepared.

Let it cool in a box mold before putting it in the refrigerator. Then store in the refrigerator at least 3 hours before serving.

Pudding Removing Process


After at least 3 hours, remove the pudding from the milk box. Quite easy, because the milk box is flexible. We just need to loosen up the sides of the milk box by pulling out the tops of the box.


Remove the pudding slowly and with gentle, patient movements to keep the milk pudding in shape. The texture of the milk pudding is very soft so it will break or crack easily.


Cut the pudding into strips, following the shape of the box itself.

At first glance it looks like a cheese shape, right?

Then serve it with a sweetener of your choice. Here I am using chocolate-sweetened condensed milk. You can add maple syrup or honey.


Photography Gallery

Enjoy the food photography bonuses I present to please your eyes. I hope you enjoy the food photography of this super smooth Milk Pudding.

Enjoy your day!


Camera: iPhone 11



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Milk desserts are always my favorite. I guess I need to learn something about food photography from you! The dessert you make looks really delicious. The photos you took are also amazing. I have never used agar agar before.

Agar-agar is vegan gelatin in Asian countries :)

You can use gelatin or jelly powder

There is a cooking contest in our country that I love very much. Cooks were constantly using agar-agar in that competition. I saw agar agar for the first time in this competition.

Yup agar-agar create a more aesthetic dessert and can combine with many ingredients

This looks great, easy, fast and delicious! I will try it, my dad loves milk flan and milk jelly, so he will surely enjoy this.

Yeah, my family member love this dessert too :)

Bookmarked! Would like to try it one day :-)

Oh, thank you so much for the bookmark. I hope you can make it :)

Wow, believe me I really enjoy looking at the pictures. I've told you before, but I'll tell you again: I love your pictures so much!

Regarding the recipe, I love it because it is so simple to make and the ingredients are easy to obtain. I would love to try this recipe sometime, I hope I can do it soon.

I love your food pictures too ❤️❤️❤️

It looks delicious. It looks a bit like my milk pudding but you have made the more practical version. Milk jug very smart :)

We need simple thing 😁❤️✌️

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The fact is this is my first post above $90 and this year I can get huge upvotes because OCD supports me a lot!

In last year my recipes just got a small upvote but now I’m grateful so far.

Thank you so much for supporting me. I hope someday we can meet in real :)

Yes, things changed very quickly for you. I hope we can get support like this one of these years also, it would change my family's lives.

You are doing great for your family members on Hive. Your kids doing greater than me when I was early on Blockchain.

I pray for your family :)

Simple, lovely and must be delicious. Loved that you used the actual box. 2 ingredients and no technical equipment or utensils. My first time hearing about agar-ajar. I wonder if I can find it at my supermarket.

Agar-agar is vegan gelatin-based plant-based but in powder texture. I think in Japan you can find agar agar easily

Thanks. I’ll look for it later. 😃

Found it. Here they call it “Kanten” (かんてん). They had it in powdered form, in paper-like strips as well as noodle-like strips. I got the powdered one. The box has 5 packets. Each contains 4 grams.

Love your Foodie post!

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Me encanto tu receta, se ve muy lindo tu plato y delicioso. Gracias por compartirla. Éxitos!!

Thanks for this content and simple training on preparing this nice dish. Thumbs up

Thanks for reading :)

Have a great day

I love using Agar Agar for molded desserts!

You always make me hungry when I look at your recipes (^_^)