[ENG-ESP] Creamy chicken with green onion // pollo al verdeo! ♥ - by @heypuch!

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Hello Foodies friends! Yesterday I told them how to make a potato millefeuille as a garnish, and I told them that the main dish was a bomb, that main dish was creamy chicken! and today I'm going to show you how I did it.

Hola amigos de Foodies! el dia de ayer les comenté como hacer un milhojas de papa como guarnicion, y les dije que el plato principal era una bomba, ese plato principal fue pollo a la crema! y hoy voy a enseñarles como lo hice.


The first thing we are going to do is boil our chicken, mainly to degrease it since having cream will be very heavy, and the idea is to enjoy it! It is also safer at the cooking level, you make sure that it is well cooked and is not dangerous to eat.

Lo primero que vamos a hacer es hervir nuestro pollo, principalmente para desgrasarlo ya que al tener crema va a ser muy pesado, y la idea es disfrutarlo! Además es mas segura a nivel cocción, te aseguras que esté bien cocido y no sea peligroso para comer.


When the cooking is ready we are going to remove the water and we are going to sauté an onion cut into very small pieces with oil and salt.

Cuando la coccion ya esté lista vamos a retirar el agua y vamos a saltear con aceite y sal una cebolla cortada en trozos muy pequeñitos.


We are going to chop the chicken into leg and thigh, I always try to eliminate all the tiny pieces of bone because I'm afraid that some child (or adult) will choke, it is also kind of uncomfortable if you run into a bone while eating.

Al pollo vamos a trozarlo en pata y muslo, yo trato siempre de eliminar todos los trozos de hueso pequeñitos porque me da miedo que algún niño (o adulto) se atragante, además es medio incomodo si te topas con un hueso mientras comes.


when the onions are transparent we are going to add the milk cream and the chicken

cuando las cebollas ya esten transparentes vamos a agregar la crema de leche y el pollo


Let's season with salt, pepper and nutmeg! When the cream comes to a boil, we are going to turn off the kitchen, add fresh green onion and we are going to cover the pot.

Vamos a condimentar con sal, pimienta y nuez mozcada! cuando la crema rompa hervor vamos a apagar la cocina, agregar cebolla de verdeo fresca y vamos a tapar la olla.


and this would be the end result! You can add cheese, I'm not going to judge you, I would have done it too if I had hahaha

y éste seria el resultado final! puedes agregarle queso, no te voy a juzgar, yo tambien lo hubiese hecho si hubiese tenido jajaja


and this is the final dish, with the garnish potato millefeuille that was also spectacular ♥ both simple preparations and with a lot of flavor, a luxury ♥

y éste es el plato final, con el milhojas de papa de guarnicion que quedó espectacular tambien ♥ ambas preparaciones sencillas y con mucho sabor, un lujo ♥

Thank you very much for reading my post! a kiss and a hug, heypuch ♥

Muchas gracias por leer mi post! un beso y un abrazo, heypuch ♥


me encanto esta receta te felicito.!

Love your Foodie post!

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