Cooking "Ikan Acar Kuning" (yellow pickled fish) with cucumber and carrots.

Hi all how are you? It's still raining where I am but it's starting to get hot too. During this uncertain season, it is very important for us to maintain health and cleanliness to avoid various diseases.

OK, today I want to share dishes with fish as the basic ingredient. Today's cooking is very easy to practice, the ingredients are also very easy to get, I'm sure you will have the ingredients at your place.

Yellow Pickled Fish, this is the dish I made today. Let's just prepare the ingredients and how to prepare it.

Material :

5 mackerel fish weighing approximately 700 grams
3 medium sized cucumbers
1 medium size carrot
3 star fruit vegetables

Ground spices :
20 grams of red onion
13 grams of garlic
5 grams of ginger
8 grams of turmeric
6 grams of candlenuts
1 tsp pepper

Additional spices:
4 grams of crushed galangal
2 bay leaves
4 lime leaves
15 whole green chilies
1 stalk crushed lemongrass

1 tsp brown sugar
1 ½ tsp salt
1 tsp flavoring
1 tsp powdered chicken stock
1 tbsp cooking vinegar

How to make :

Fry the fish in hot oil until browned, then drain and set aside.

Cut the carrots and cucumber into matchsticks. You can remove the seeds for the cucumber or if the cucumber is still young you don't need to remove the seeds. Also cut the starfruit vegetables.

Prepare all the ground spice ingredients then put them in a blender or you can puree them manually.

Blend the spices until smooth then set aside.

Once all the ingredients are ready, heat the oil used for frying the fish then saute the ground spices until fragrant, add additional spices and cook until fragrant.

Add enough water, I used approximately 1.5 liters, then add the seasoning except vinegar (you can adjust the seasoning according to your taste) and cook until it boils.

Add the carrots then the cucumber and cook until it boils again, then add the cooking vinegar again while correcting the taste. If it's just right, add the star fruit vegetables and fish.

Cook the yellow pickled fish until cooked and absorbed into the sauce. You can cook it until it reduces slightly.

Yellow pickled fish is ready to be served with warm rice.

Don't forget to clean your kitchen after you're done cooking

Hope you like the recipe and are interested in trying this recipe. Friends, you can use the type of fish that you like. Make sure you fry the fish first before cooking. This is so that the fish cooked in the sauce doesn't fall apart easily. Good luck, thank you for your support. Bye bye

The attached photo is my own and was edited with a text art application


Saludos este plato se ve muy rico me gusto la presentacion

Thank you for your support @omaira74

It is delicious from it's name, pickled, wow.
The look is also good.

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Thank you 😊

Hola amiga, ese platillo se ve muy rico ycolorido, también te ves muy esmerada, gracias por comoartir esta receta. Saludos!

Thank you for visiting my blog and the healthy support is always for you friends

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