Lunch with this bunch at Bulalo Capital in Tagaytay, Philippines

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Following our short waiting game at Kopa Koppi Cafe, we were finally shown to our table at the far end of the room in BULALO CAPITAL. They said it was a well-known restaurant for its Bulalo dish. I have yet to decide if the food was great. But any food would already taste good if you were as hungry like me that day.

Bulalo Capital Cover Photo.png

The restaurant was spacious with long table settings and open air so despite the many customers that day, it didn't feel congested. When you look at their interior design, the furnishings were simple - wooden tables and chairs, and with a little bit of Filipino element using the woven basket decorated hanging light.







Since one side of the room was open with transparent walls and sliding doors, overlooking Taal Lake and the volcano, the natural lighting and cool air were just refreshing during that time of the day.

Here is the view from the restaurant:




Once we got settled, we checked the menu. They serve breakfast meals on weekdays. The à la carte included a variety of Filipino dishes including fried chicken, bangus, crispy pata, and vegetable dishes like Chopseuy, Pakbet, and Bicol Express.

Since we are a big group, we chose one of their Bulcap2 Menu specifically Set C-1 for the price of Php5,100 or around $91 with the following dishes:
3 x Bulalo
2 x Tawilis
2 x Sisigs
3 x platter rice
1 x Boneless Bangus
1 x Chopsuey
2 x pitchers of iced tea





@ishwoundedhealer, @jude.villarta, and @cthings


Left to Right: @adamada, @wittyzell, @nmore, @dennnmarc, @cli4d, @ishwoundedhealer, @jude.villarta, and @cthings

After some 30-40 minutes, the food was served one by one. And by that time, I was so famished. They all look so delicious. I love the Sisig - always my go-to dish in any restaurant - and theirs was just the right amount of savory taste. The Tawili was not available so instead we had Lechon Kawali which was crunchy. The taste was good too. The chop suey didn't make it, if I remembered it right, the ingredients ran out. So instead we had it replaced with lumpia Shanghai which we decided to take out later on.




Time for the inevitable: Was the Bulalo great? deserving of some worthy praise?

I remembered asking @cthings after tasting it with words "Is this it?"

Three words filled with some slight disbelief. Well, I was expecting deep flavors even just from the soup but I just found it to be a little bit bland. Good thing, the beef was soft. And I think that was about it.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the Sisig and Lechon Kawali!



After @adamada paid the bill. Thank you so much!, we explored their roof deck with a few photo props. It cannot be denied that the view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano was just breathtaking. The one natural landscape that attracts tourists to this place.

Of course, this visit wouldn't be complete without some photo ops!











Pinagbigyan niya lang po ako.



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Me too, I'm still in disbelief. Til now, I still couldn't appreciate bulalo. Next time, we should go to a more flavorful bulalo resto.

Yes! In short, Gala ulit. 🤣

This is so beautiful, it feels like I was in there also. What they have on their menu list is so much attractive that one will want to spend their last penny to get it. Sure, you had great fun?

Ah, yes! It was truly fun especially the people I was with were new found friends from our local Hive community. So I'm blessed!

That view!! OMG. 😯😮😁


Yes! Can't still quite get over it. 😊

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I like the place jud ai. Mas lami jud ang bulalo if sakto sa timpla. Compared sa sisig sa 4K's Reataurant asa mas lami? hehe

Hahahaha. samuka. but to answer your question, Lami tong Sisig sa LOBO restaurant. But mas lami tong beef caldereta sa 4k. Huhuhu. gimingaw na nuon ko. haha.

How are you dear friend @indayclara good day
What a beautiful place to visit in the company of friends, I love the interior design and the view of the place
The dishes you have chosen look delicious, the images you have taken are really very beautiful, I appreciate that you have shared with us
have a great day

Thank for taking the time to read this blog. appreciate your kind words. Do you like eating at restaurants too?


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It's a sign, let's look for more Bulalo restos in Tagaytay 🤣

Yes, please! Hehe.