Kale Salad with Grilled Salmon

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I grilled a very large piece of fresh salmon yesterday and I saved some for breakfast this morning. My original thought was to eat the grilled salmon with some scrambled eggs. After giving it a second thought, I decided to make a kale salad to complement the salmon.


I have been making kale salad for years. My sister, who is vegan, shared a recipe with me from a vegan chef. It is a variation of the recipe that I normally use So I decided to try it. I had all of the ingredients except sun-dried tomatoes.


The recipe calls for a bowl of fresh kale with the large stems removed, one half cup of olive oil, the juice of one lemon, four cloves of fresh garlic minced, one half of a red onion diced, one half cup of nutritional yeast, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 10-15 sun dried tomatoes chopped, and two small softened avocados.

I did not have any sun-dried tomatoes, so that ingredient was omitted. I also used one large avocado instead of two small ones. I added the olive oil to the kale first so that I could massage the leaves to make them tender. I then added the other ingredients to the bowl and mixed them together with my hands continuing to massage the kale.

In my original recipe for kale salad, I do not add nutritional yeast, sun dried tomatoes nor red onions. I definitely like the flavor boost that was added due to the nutritional yeast. I believe that I will be adding the red onions, nutritional yeast and avocados to my original kale recipe when those ingredients are available to me from now on.


Bon appétit!



I'm not one for eating my veggies but looking at that amazing presentation makes me want to try it! 😋


I think that you would enjoy it. It is quite tasty.

yeah, I will definitely try that someday. :)

I’m always on the look for delicious ways to serve up salmon, thanks for sharing such a great recipe my dear.

You're welcome.

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