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RE: Super Smooth Milk Pudding With Two Ingredients

Wow! This post is at $93, congratulations. I have been seeing a lot of posts lately getting huge payouts, but I think I've only got more than $40 two times in my many years on Hive. I hope some day I could $50 from a post occasionally, it would improve the quality of our lives so much.

Whatever you are doing on Hive, you're doing it right. All your posts having amazing payouts. I hope we are this fortunate some day too. Blessings from Suriname.


The fact is this is my first post above $90 and this year I can get huge upvotes because OCD supports me a lot!

In last year my recipes just got a small upvote but now I’m grateful so far.

Thank you so much for supporting me. I hope someday we can meet in real :)

Yes, things changed very quickly for you. I hope we can get support like this one of these years also, it would change my family's lives.

You are doing great for your family members on Hive. Your kids doing greater than me when I was early on Blockchain.

I pray for your family :)