Homemade Crispy Tuna Pie | Full-Time Mom Journey #004

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Hello Hive, today i will share to you my recipe for small family snacks that everybody will loved, ingredients is base on what we already had since grocery days is limited and many people is panic buying, we have to be creative even in limited resources.
Servings: for 4 to 5 persons.

Slice Bread
Tuna 1 can
Eden Cheese
Bread Crumbs
Ground black pepper
Chop Onions


  • Separate the oil from Tuna meat and drained it for 10 minutes set aside, while you are preparing proceed to the next step.

  • Crack the egg then beat it like Micheal Jackson Song LOL, set aside.

  • Removed the edge or crust of the slice bread, then set aside.

  • Flattened the slice bread with a baked roller, if you dont have you can use a cylinder cup, set aside.

  • Mix the tuna meat, onion, pepper, mayonnaise, and salt, this is the filling together with cheese.

  • Prepare the bread crumbs into a plate.

  • Fill the flattened bread with the tuna filling then add cheese.

  • Do it repeatedly to all the slice bread remaining, then fold each ends, use the fork for flattening the edges.

  • Dip in the flattened bread into the egg, then coat it in the breadcrumbs.

Tips: you can use crushed crackers or crushed toasted bread as an alternative to breadcrumbs.

  • Now you can deep fry from 3 to 5 to minutes with low heat in the frying pan.

  • Wait untill the color became golden brown, use a filter to removed the excess oil, then serve to the plate.


My Homemade Crispy Tuna Pie


See you, on my next blog.

God Bless!!!
Your full-time mom,


Hmm, hindi ko PA nagawa to. Thanks for sharing this sis. I'll try this next time.

Oo nga momshie na maximize ung relief goods namin

Madaling sundan ang instruction at supported ng photo panu ginawa

Yes po, try nyo po yan.

Sis tirhan nyo ako... masarap yaan.

Ubos na po bro😁

Nice presentation dear! I'm impressed 😊 keep it up!

Thank you dear, for appreciation.

Sarap nyan ahh..walang sample? 😄😄😄

Ubos na po😁

Hmm hehehe mukhang yummy! Same tayo kanina nag luto din me ng century tuna but with malunggay, yan try ko din

Delata ulam nakakasawa na po kaya maiba naman

Ngayon ko Lang to nabasa. Madaling sundin at practical instead of making a dough.

Yes po swak lang sa budget.

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You're welcome @lhen18! You are growing fast 😉

Mouth watering. I am sure it is delicious.