My very own Chocolate cake | 21st month


It's my third child's 21st month. Usually we buy him cake every month. But now I have made him a "no bake" chocolate cake. He really do appreciate it. I have incorporated all of the chocolates that he loves in there. It looks so yummy.

How I have prepared it:

Fudge Browniescrushed or mashed the fudge brownies
Chocolate Wafer Sticksplace half of it in a container with a plastic covering the container or a baking paper where we can get it easy out in the container after. Then pour a Nutella on it. Mix it after incorporating the Nutella to the brownies the pour the other half and do it again
NutellaPress it until it form as a cake. Then place it in the freezer for 30 minutes.
M&m's originalAfter 30 minutes you can remove the formed cake inside the container and place it in a flat cake plate.
Choco KnotsThen start placing the chocolate wafer sticks around it and use a ribbon to lock it.
Chocolate KissesNow we can place all of the chocolates on top.
Caramel coated with chocolateIt depends on you what design you want to make.
strawberry chocolateor how you want it to look like.
Chocolate BarsJust be creative.

I also have created a video of the photo compilation on how I have prepared the cake of my Baby.

Video Source



Thanks for dropping by. Until my next one!

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That's looking yummy, and sugar overload 😋

Yes it is. 💖💖💖 You can also try to make some. 💗

This is actually my 2nd creation. I also have created my 1st one for my 2nd daughter's 12th birthday last July the 25th with the help of my eldest daughter.

A cake every month? That's a lot of delicious stuff! Our son would be pinging off the walls if he ate cake routinely lol

Looks like an awesome cake!

Yes. Hehe. He is our only son. After 10 years of thinking if we will be conceiving again for another one. That's it. Here he come. I actually dreamt about him before I got pregnant. I saw exactly his face. My Baby in my dream or let's say that's vision. We're so blessed having our only son. We're so grateful. That's why we always celebrate. Monthly celebration. Monthly cake. 💖
Thanks for appreciating my creation. 💗

That's what I call a chocolate cake 🎂

How delicious it looks!! I love chocolate! Thanks for sharing this great chocolate cake!

You're very welcome. Feel free to try it too. 💗