Cottage cheese muffin

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Hello, dear friends!

I'll tell you how I saved cottage cheese tonight. That's how it happens - I bought it and didn't eat it! Not to throw away the products. So I decided to bake a muffin out of cottage cheese.

The thing is, I don't usually make cottage cheese muffins. For example, the recipe says 1 hour for baking - and I bake for two hours, or even more.
But this time it worked.

So, the recipe is.

280 gr cottage cheese
150 gr. butter
250 g sugar
3 eggs
100 g raisins
5 gr of baking powder
300 gr flour

I used a mixer.
First I mixed the butter, sugar, cottage cheese and vanilla.
Then I added the eggs.
And finally the flour and baking powder.
And raisins.

Baked for exactly one hour, one hour at 170 degrees.

It's a beautiful cupcake.

I hope you can see the photo, because I'm having trouble uploading photos again.

Peace and delicious baking to all!
And happy first day of winter to you)


Wow this is lovely I love it so much I am salivating want to eat that

I tried it - delicious) in general, baking with cottage cheese - it's delicious! Thanks)