Cheese and olive simit bread (koulouria)

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On the day I tried making koulouria (simit bread), I ran out of sesame. That was when I got the idea of putting my leftover dough in good use and experiment with some filling. In my fridge there was some feta cheese, some grated cheddar and some big firm olives my grandma had given me. I lost no time, chopped a couple of olives, mixed them with the cheese, added a little oregano for extra aroma and flavor and...


I kneaded the mixture into the dough, shaped my rings and baked in my oven.


They were absolutely delicious!!


Next time I'm making this recipe, I will definitely need to try other fillings, perhaps some bacon and cheese, peppers and olives and why not a sweeter taste with cinnamon and raisins. We'll see...

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Yum, your recipes always manage to make me drool😭 Looking good again Ruth!

Upvoted in agreement ♡

Thank you stylish girl!! 😘😘


Να σου στείλω δεματάκι; 😋😋

νααιιι! :D

Θα φτιάξεις και καμιά μπουγάτσα???? Καλημέρα

Μπααα, αυτή παραείναι μπελαλίδικη, την παίρνω έτοιμη. 😂😂😂

Are you from Greece?

Yes! 😁

Nice! I am every year there (apart from this year).

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