Some observations on chili rellenos.

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One of my favorite foods from South of the border in chili rellenos, or simply stuffed peppers! But there is nothing simple about this dish!

These are made of any type of pepper, but the most common peppers are Poblano and Anaheim. I prefer the Anaheim, but only recently figured out why.

Here's the dish that got me thinking:
There's a restaurant in Tulsa that makes them Right called Ricardo's! This was perfect, but why? First of all, I like cheese as a filling; because I like the combined flavors, so I will concentrate on cheese filling. There are a large number of other fillings with one meat filling that is close to stuffed green peppers.

Looking closer at the Relleno;
The pepper on the outside has lost it's rigidity, and floats on the melted cheese. This is the 'holy grail' of rellenoes, this supple pepper supported on melted cheese! When you cut into one of these, the pepper surface falls slightly, and you're about to eat a real treat!

For years, I have asked what pepper is used; and avoided those made from Poblano peppers, because they're bitter to my tastes. Again I asked myself Why?

Moving back to stuffed green peppers, I realized they share some bitterness; caused by cook time. The pepper needs to be just cooked, and no more; or it gets better. The best stuffed green peppers, is partially cooked in a microwave oven first; then cooked just enough in a convection oven, to blend the flavors. This should hold for Rellenos too.

Here the Anaheim peppers are cut leaving a flap on one side to remove the seeds. Then they are filled with the filling, partly melted cheese is pumped in in this case. They are then batter dipped, and deep fat fried! This frying for the smaller diameter of peppers, is the perfect way to cook them, because by the time the outside is just cooked, the center of the stuffing flows.

Try the same with the Poblano, and the problem of bitterness is apparent; because by the time the inside is melted, the pepper itself is overcooked and bitter. This is Not the pepper itself, but how it's cooked! There is a local restaurant that sells Poblano Rellenos. I will go there between lunch and dinner, and ask them to try this for me. It should solve the bitterness problem, like it does with the green peppers!

The third and last pepper supports the use of a microwave for cooking Rellenos, is a jalapeno. Several fast food places sell this like Sonic, but they call it 'cheddar peppers'. It is a jalapeno cut in half, and cheese filled; that is battered and cooked, and shipped frozen. When you order, they microwave it to melt condition...without overcooking the pepper!

I'm sure that double dipping the coating on any Relleno will reduce the bitterness too, but one thing at a time, LOL.

Wikipedia article on Rellenos:
I may get brave and try to make some of these at home!

Centuries ago, some grandma south of the border came up with this recipe; likely using the Anaheim pepper, and everyone loved and copied it. When we get to heaven, I'll bet she's still cooking it, something this good just had to be in heaven, ROFLOL! I plan to give her a big hug to thank her...then Eat!!!!!


Chile rellenó is always good. Papa Rellena and Papa a la Huancaína is pretty epic too.

You'll have to post on them, I've never heard of those; but I bet they're Good!


I might do so soon.
Until then, Papa Rellena is a Peruvian dish (I think). Papa a la Huancaina is easy to make, it's a cheese sauce, and this is for sure Peruvian. I recommend looking up some recipes if you get a chance. :D

I'll try that when I get a break....