Braai Pizza for @merenludick's Birthday

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Birthday party food for 4 boys, a girl and two parents!

This is about the FOOD that was made at @merenludick's birthday, not the birthday itself. I have not had a chance to go through THAT perticular experience and make a post about it just yet!

So how I work with birthdays with @merenludick and @aimeludick is we generally have long, meaningful outings with a small group of kids. I took the kids to the Cape Town Aquarium.

But enough about that!

Let's get to the food that I made for the boys.

@merenludick could not decide if he wanted to Braai, or have Pizza - So I decided to do both for him.

People also call this a pizza pie or pizza sandwich but I did it with clamp down grids and a wood fire so its Braai Pizza!

Let me show you how it is done!



Toppings for any pizza are prepared ahead of time. So here we can see I am frying up a nice pork chop as well as braizing some onions!


Even though it is his birthday party, @merenludick loves helping in the kitchen and came to help me braize while I was doing the chopping.


Here I have some pizza bases ready from the shops as well as pizza cheese mix, which is half cheddar and half mozarella cheese! Easy!

To my Cape Town/Table View readers, this totally comes from the Cheese Store on Raats Drive! If you already shop there give me a shoutout!


Next up I also prepared a whole pan of chicken in the oven.

Yes, well... I did not use ALL those pieces of the chicken! I had the oven on already so I used this oppertunity to cook the whole pan and that sorted out supper for... two nights from now because I totally had enough pizza for another supper after this one!

Yep. I totally overcatered! How else does one plan for a party?


I flipped the chicken pieces and its back in the oven!


Tomato is added to the braized onions. I don't cook these too well, since they need to survive another round on heat as well.


Here is the pork chop that I cut up into strips.


I used the 3x Chicken Breasts from the Chicken pack. The most meat with the least taste. Left that to cool off so I could debone it and tear it up into slivers to act as a pizza topping.



Get the pizza bases on to the grid! Two bases could fit on the grid and this grid can lock closed! Time to put the toppings on!


First the tomato and onion relish!


Here is a closeup of the tomato and onion. I used some spaces and that causes the slightly yellow colour.


Next add the meaty topping. In the case demonstrated above, the pork bits. Then the cheese! Be generous!


Very simply place another pizze base on top of everything and close the grid. Make sure the lock that grid tight because you will be flipping the grid fast!


Here I am assembling the chicken pizzas. The chicken breast gets smotherd in cheese on top of juicy relish.

Braai time!

Nothing more else to add here. I made a roaring fire, lots of coals and spread the coals out to make a decent thick bed of cherry red coals.


There were 4x Braai Pizzas added to the fire all at one time. I had enoug bases to make another 2x of these Braai Pizzas after these 4 were done.


As you can see, brown and black bits come up rather quick. You need to turn rather quickly, just like toasting bread on an open fire.


The result is crispy but not burnt and smells and tastes of wood-fired-pizza goodness!


I cut these up in quarters and most of the boys could only manage to eat one quarter each since each piece is like eating a half a pizza. I myself am a big eater and I could only eat 2 of them and I wa well happy after that!


Altogether an amazing and successful evening of braaing and cooking!

Enjoy making your own!

Oh. I should probably tag in the braai-master @braaiboy to come have a look at my Braai Pizza!






DUDE! I used that exact method in my Bistros!
... Great minds think alike 🔥🔥🔥

I wanted a "Braai Pie" on my menus, but The original Braai Pie works out rather pricey and it takes too long for my staff to prep.

So... I figured I'd combine a pizza & a Braai Pie... and came up with the "Braai Pizza Pie". Ultimately I had to take it off my menus (it eats up a lot of space on the grill, which isn't an option when we're busy)... but you've inspired me to rethink it... maybe I'll offer it as an "off-peak special" or something.

Epic Post!!!

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Baie dankie boet!

That is a moerse pizza pie on your site.

I think if you had prepared ingredients, the rooster pizzas do not take long on the coals. You could potentially pre-assemble if it gets ordered often enough? Then just stick it on the coals and crispy cook the bases.

That looks really good, Zak. We will have to try that.

I am glad you liked it! Snap some pictures if you make it! Would be great to see what you do with it!

There are so many options really as long as there is a base and cheese, you can just go nuts!

I will share the results with you.

oh wow! That's something new for me! thanks for sharing!

I am glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers!

Wow @zakludick they do look great… perfect for birthday parties… and yep… you need to overprep hahaha so much food… good for a few days. 😎
It great to see he even helped out in the kitchen. Pretty cool.
Thanks for sharing with us.

My pleasure! I think most people find a bit of comfort in food!

Yes, I think we all do… food is special. Wherever we are. It connects people. Shares stories… and is so much more than just food.

❤️❤️❤️ 100% Agree

Thought you would 🥰

Some could say that Food is my love language. I make a lot of good food for my family!

That’s cool. I’m sure they enjoy it a lot. 😎


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These bad boys look a bit like Quesadillas. Yummy!

Quesadillas. That is something else I need to try make at home. Sometimes the specialty stuff can be a bit pricy... But all these things can usually be made at home... A little trial and error....

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Looks great. The amount of ingredient on top is just so tempting!!!

It was very.... filling. da-dum-tssss

Absolutely yummy, It has been a while I had good pizza and yours certainly looks tasty.

Thank you. We then used the braai PIZZA to make double deckers the next day!

Omg I am so hungry now !
Nice to have a birthday with great food
Happy Wednesday friend


Thank you so much! My Wednesday is over. I just have to write another post and then do some Splinterlands and Listnerds stuff and then I am going to bed. 2 more days and it is weekend!!!