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Always a good work on the cineTv community newspaper, I have here my blog for the movie Star of the week:

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I have to follow-up on Kate Winslet, and I hope y'all are ok with this. I ended up having some nice exchanges about Kate with the CineTV community, which is always a great thing. Also, my Bonnie Bride and I are watching Kate's performance as Ophelia in Kenneth Branagh's production of Hamlet. It's darn good.

Patrick Swayze? Brilliant actor who departed far too soon. The films I know him best for are Red Dawn and Ghost, both very different and very good films. My Bonnie Bride teases me for never seeing Dirty Dancing. I just can't seem to win with her sometimes.

Looking forward to what the community has to say about Patrick.

Yay! 🤗
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I won Cine tokens?? Wooohooo! Thanks so much!

I have MS and totally agree with you that it is a nasty thing to deal with.

Patrick Swayze? Major fan girl back in the day!

Awesome job, as usual, @hetty-rowan ! Patrick Swayze was a very under-rated actor for sure!

good work as ever !PIZZA


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Patrick Swsyze, there really isn't much I can say about him as he wasn't my favourite actor, but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate his talent, I mean, not only he was handsome, very handsome, but he had a particular way of dancing, with some latin moves, and I could enjoy this in "Dirty Dancing" 😆 he really looked like a latin lover, and he was a professional when it came to dancing because I remember when I was a child they sold in my country some VHS where Patrick taught you to dance in the company of his mother, yes, it was a dance tutorial.

Patrick Swsyze, en realidad no hay mucho que yo pueda decir de él ya que no era mi actor favorito, pero eso no quiere decir que no apreciara su talento, es decir, no solo era guapo, muy guapo, sino que tenía una manera particular de bailar, con algunos movimientos latinos, y pude disfrutar de esto en "Dirty Dancing" 😆 de verdad parecía un latin lover, y es que él era todo un profesional en materia de baile porque recuerdo que cuando era niña vendían en mi país algunos VHS donde Patrick te enseñaba a bailar en compañía de su madre, sí, era un tutorial de baile.



I have noticed that many times people who dance Latin dances find it difficult to relax and release their hips (even I find it difficult and I am a Latina 🤣) but Patrick did it without any difficulty, you could see him dancing mambo, salsa or samba with great professionalism, his body became a means of communication through which he expressed his emotions and feelings.

He notado que muchos veces a las personas que bailan danzas latinas les cuesta mucho relajar y soltar la cadera (incluso yo que soy latina 🤣) pero Patrick lo hacía sin ninguna dificultad, podías verlo bailando mambo, salsa o samba con mucha profesionalidad, su cuerpo se volvía un medio de comunicación a través del cual expresaba sus emociones.

On the other hand, as an actor he was also very good, I remember the first time I saw Ghost, I cried a lot 😭 because his character touched my soul, his words that seemed to come from the heart really, but above all I was moved by his look in the moment when he says goodbye to his girl, it is a very tender look, full of melancholy but also of hope, he really touched my heart.

Por otra parte, como actor también era muy bueno, recuerdo la primera vez que vi Ghost, lloré muchísimo 😭 porque su personaje me llegó al alma, sus palabras que parecían salidas del corazón realmente, pero sobre todo me conmovió su mirada en el momento en que él se despide de su chica, es una mirada muy tierna, llena de melancolía pero también de esperanza, realmente tocó mi corazón.

Hello, happy and blessed afternoon. One of my great loves on the big screen was Patrick Swayze. Wuao, he danced spectacular, he was beautiful, sensual, and had that sexapil that fascinated me. I particularly love to dance and I loved his performance in Dirty Dancing, a spectacular dancer. But, I went crazy for him when I saw him in Ghost, the shadow of a love, for me he was masterful. I was captivated by the interpretation of Sam, a person who dies untimely next to what he loved the most. When Molly takes him in her arms and he was a ghost. Everything he did to communicate with her, his great love. It was so great that they manage to merge into one.

Without words the scene where she turned the piece of pottery, and through the beautiful Ode, they make the connection between them, it is sublime, without words, as the two merged into one, that scene was emblematic, they managed to merge in such a way that it captivated me, I felt like I was with them. The love they had for each other is so great, something like yin and yang, one did not exist without the other. They have achieved such a rapport in such a beautiful way, so sublime that they managed to merge like gold to be conceived as a single piece, a single entity, they are soul mates.