The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Ep 2: A Very Disappointing Episode

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As you know i am a big fan of Marvel's series and movies because i think did a better job than DC, creating the setup as well as creating awesome bad guys. Bad guys with a story behind them that makes you sympathize with them. Now if we talk about animated Movies DC is clearly the winner in my opinion.

Anyway, let's get back to our Marvel show, a brand new mini-series that takes place after the events of the Avengers. I need to warn you at that point that SPOILERS will follow below so be ready. Also, in case you haven't watch that film yet, i have another review of the first episode which you can find here.

Episode 2 Review


So the episode starts with John Walker the new Captain America and we get to learn more about him. Who he is, what does he thinks of becoming the new Captain America and why is suitable for the role. I was expecting to be honest that he would be kind of an ass but that wasn't the case.

Turns out that he is a good fella that admired Captain America and feels this position he is in as a huge burden, even though he is quite capable of the role due to his past achievements. Meanwhile, Sam and Bucky are "fighting" like schoolboys.

Bucky doesn't like at all that Sam isn't the new Captain America and he is clearly against John Walker being the one. They go together on a mission against Flag-Smashers who basically kick their asses and then Captain America and Battlestar come to their rescue.


Although they rescue them they end up losing as well. After that, they go on separate ways because they hate the guys just because they act like kids. In that fight, they realized that these bad guys are actually super soldiers like Bucky and captain America and they are curious to find out how and why.

We still don't know what these Flag Smashers are about and what their motives are, the only thing we know aside from their super strength is that they have a motto that says " One world, one people". I guess we will really find out during the next episodes.

Now let's talk about something that i didn't like at all. There is one thing called over-political correctness and i think @raymondspeaks gets what i mean! So for some reason, we are "forced" once again to see this. Where do i begin?

First of all, Battlestar who is suppose to be the partner of Captain America is black. I don't know why is that and what's the reason for him to have a black partner. Is it similar to how Captain America got Sam? because if yes that's clearly ridiculous.


Next, we got Baltimore, a place in which Bucky takes Sam for some reason. Before getting to the place they want to, a kid calls Falcon "Black Falcon" and Falcon as a joke says back to the kid as a joke "*then i should call you black kid". It wasn't bad but it was unnecessary.

Next, they meet Isaiah Bradley a black was veteran who is supposed to have stopped Winter soldier in the past and he is the reason Bucky lost his arm. They let it slide that he may have been the first "Captain America" or super soldier which ofc never recognized and they put him in jail. This somehow is supposed to be due to his color ofc.

When they leave the house, Sam and Bucky argue once again and a police-car is stopping them, asking Bucky if Sam (the black guy) is bothering him, giving another hint as to how the police consider all blacks as criminals.


This is for me extremely frustrating and an insult to the police force. It's basically like you do what you suppose to hate. You won't highlight that Black people are strong and equal by taking another big percentage of people like the police and put everything in it on the same page which is that they suppose to think of all black people as criminals.

By the way, don't get me wrong, i don't have an issue with black people or minorities, i am an actual minority myself, check how many Greek guys are in the world :P. But i hate when they try to force stupid ideas or characters like this. A bright example of movies and series with a black cast is the Barbershop and the Godfather of Harlem ;)

Last but not least there is another lame scene with the therapy session that i don't even want to talk about it as i think it was a lot of holes and there is no reason for this scene to exist. There is a final scene though that may end up making the next episode way better ;)

Episode Rating

IMDb Rating 8.1/10

My Rating 6/10

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It's an alright series but not great. For me, it's too touchy-feely and not enough butt-kicking for a superhero show. I hope it gets better.

i agree with the touchy-feely as well. for a mini-series that shouldn't be the case at all. if the first season had 20+ episodes then it would have been ok