The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Review (Ep 1)

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I am a really big fan of superhero movies and shows and a bigger fan of Marvel. It's not that i hate DC or that i was a hardcore fan of the comics but i tend to be a realist. As a realist without a doubt, Marvel's movies and series are way better than DC's.

It's not all black and white though, DC has some excellent titles like Batman, Wonder Woman (the first one), and a lot of awesome animated movies which i am gonna review the following days. Let's start with the review of the series of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, who aren't my favorite heroes but they are heroes after all!

Generic Info

Before we start with the plot it's time for the generic info that mostly nobody reads! The first episode of the series with the title "New World Order" released on 19 March 2021 and in general the series will have a total of 6 episodes.

In other words, it's a mini-series and i believe that way they are testing the waters in order to have more series like this with other Avengers or characters from those movies. The protagonist of the show are who else, Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan)



Spoiler Alert!

The story follows the events of the Avengers: Endgame and starts with Falcon. Not only that, but it starts with a lot of action as well. Falcon kicks in on a special mission that has to be under the radar trying to save a soldier before that "bad" guys cross the borders with him.

After the mission is complete we see Falcon trying to get his life back. I need to remind you all that due to the events of the Endgame, Falcon had vanished for 5 years. Also, he has the "burden" that he doesn't want to take and this is to become the next Captain America. He decides to help the government with any threats and at the same time, he tries to help his sister with their family business to get back on track.

On the other hand, we see Bucky who seems completely alone facing a lot of nightmares due to his Hydra past. He does some therapy sessions and he also tries to make amends, having a list with all those Hydra members he helped back then or innocents that he killed.

While we got our 2 protagonists fighting their own war we get to see the government giving the suit and the shield of Captain America to another guy that they present as the new Captain America. At the same time, there is a new group called Flag Smashers which seems like an anti-nationalist group but not much is known yet, other than they got a guy who seems like having Enhanced Strength.

What I Liked and What I Didn't


To tell you the truth i don't have many negatives to say. It's the first episodes and they are trying to build up everything. I like how both heroes are trying to figure out what they wanna do next in their life and that they face difficulties like everyone else.

At the same time, the new group of bad people seems promising and i am curious to find out who the guy with the enhanced strength is and where that power comes from. I am also very curious to see how the 2 heroes will end up together fighting for the evil enemy.

On another note, i don't expect to see any plot twists and such. I think it will be the usual hero stuff, coming together and fighting the bad guys. I hope that i am wrong and thought that this mini-series will have more depth in it! That's why my final rating can change a lot. So this one you will see below, you can say it's a rating regarding that particular episode!


IMDb Rating 8.2/10

My Rating 8/10

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Thanks for the review. This isnt really my genre. I am not a huge comic book movie fan. The Fantastic Four were pretty good. I did like the Iron Man series with Robert Downey Jr.

Outside of that, I didnt latch onto many in this realm.

Ready Player one was cool, although that enters a different arena.

hahah to tell you the truth i don't read comics :P I just really like the movies/series/cartoons/animation around that stuff :P Iron man for sure was awesome!

What kind of movies do you watch? or do you have a specific genre that you like?

I've been waiting to ask someone who has watched it but it's kept slipping my mind, but wasn't there a total re-shoot of Ready Player One? I tried to search on Google for some info but couldn't find any.

I am about 90% positive that it was. I watched it when it was first released and when I watched it recently on Netflix it was a completely different cast and movie. There is always the case that I have lost the plot.

uhh you should write spoilers!

I actually really liked it.

you are completely rightttt, i forgott that! but now i added a spoiler alert!

I haven't hung around with a good Superhero in ages! You just reminded me of what I am missing out on! Added to my movie list and curated with a few CINE tokens, too!

hehe thanks for that and you also need to share that list, i may have movies and series that i haven't watched yet :P

I haven't even heard of this one, But I am not a massive Marvel fan I am more DC but not Batman DC more justice league.

With you review tho this may be a show worth watching for sure.

Thanks for sharing

did you like the flash,arrow and all of these series?

Yes they are a great set of shows, I love how they made all 4 shows together at times.

all 4 shows together at times.

i like that as well but to be perfectly honest after some seasons i got bored and i didn't like the CGIs as well. The actors especially the protagonists were awesome though!

It did get a little slow towards the end of the arrow. Now it is just the 2 shows I think with flash and supergirl.

Oh, and don't forget to credit your sources for your images!

hey! i the sources are at the end of my post


Also, note that when you create a movie/series/anime post you don't have to actually cite your images because it can be simply a screenshot from the movie/series/anime itself that you took, so by providing the title it's ok. It's win-win for them as well because you promote their movie for free.

What you have definitely to cite is when you post an altered image that someone changed a bit! Also, you can't use parts of the movie/show/anime as your own film or something of sorts!

Sorry I didn't see your sources! I should have known you had it covered. (I was thinking more about Hivewatchers!)

no worries!! i am happy that you are trying to help everyone!

I'm glad to see you here, here where my house will be soon.
I'm too old to believe in superheroes but I have to admit that the special effects in these Marvel movies are spectacular. So are the very good actors who play in these movies.

hahaha i don't believe in superheroes :P i just like some of the movies

I'm glad to see you here, here where my house will be soon.


Of course, superheroes are fake. Sometimes we like to think it really exists.