Star Wars : Episode IV - A New Hope

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Name - Star Wars : Episode IV - A New Hope
Released - 1977
Director - George Lucas

After the big drop in temperatures and getting our first snow today, I have had time to switch on Disney to catch up with some movies that I wanted to watch, but in the end started watching Star Wars IV from back in the day.

Considering it was made 46 years ago, I was thinking how it might have aged after so many years, but actually it was still pretty good imo. Lots of great effects and storyline that has held the passage of time.

Although episode IV is not my favorite from the old trilogy, I do like it alot with the awesome 70s-esque Deathstar which looks totally awesome and powerful. Imagine being able to destroy a whole planet!

This was the first film to introduce us to Luke, who now looks super young here and the awesome Carrie Fisher with her Princess Leia outfit. I think Jennifer Aniston got the costume down to a T in Friends.

However, I think the biggest plus from this film was the duos Han Solo and Chewy with the awesome Millenium Falcon that was just the most coolest looking ship in the series. I always wanted to have one when I was younger. The other duo was C3PO and R2D2. They were just so cool. C3PO with his gold metalic frame and R2D2 who could usually solve any problem and fly in the ships too!

Compared to the more modern ones, even with the advanced CGI available to George Lucas, he hasn't been able to recreate the magic he made back then I think.

My favorite scenes in the film are of course the attack on the Death Star by the Rebels but also the scenes with Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers.

My plan is to continue watching the rest of the old trilogy and my favorite Star Wars film number V with the amazing Battle of Hoth. Those Imperial Walkers are just the bomb!

Thanks for reading.

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The 1st SW trilogy was my wife's #1 in her teen years.... Golden classics! Now we watch very different movies... ☘️ !DHEDGE and !PIZZA as an extra.

They are such classics and very hard to be superceded at the moment I think.

I dont look at it like that, that they need to be necessarily superceded; as they are works of art - like paintings, there should be more of the same quality level, but different! 🙏

That's a very good point and I concur. Do you think we will ever see another symphony as good as Beethoven again?

Nope! 😳 To have that ... we'd rather have to have a proper soil (basis), but the life have changed since that time very dramatically...

I agree, it seems to have been a golden era somehow of art and music.

I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back when it first came out in the theater. I must have seen the first one on VHS or something like that because I wasn't alive when it first came out.

Yeah, I was just a baby when Empire Strikes Back came out, didn't watch it til much later.

Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite. In large part that probably has to do with the age I was when I saw these movies. While I know that I saw them all in the theater originally, I don't remember the first time I saw Star Wars and barely remember the first time I saw Empire. The first time I saw Return of the Jedi I remember pretty clearly though.

I love the early scenes with Luke rescuing Han and Leia and I especially love the last part of the movie where they are alternating scenes with Luke battling Vader on the Death Star, Han and Leia trying to disable the shield generator, and the giant space battle. To me that's still peak Star Wars. I did love the Hoth battle in Empire though.

That's true, it is peak Star Wars and this is great watching even after so long. The epic battles on the Death Star with the storm troopers, it was just great to watch as a kid.

Star Trek didn't come close to the work done by George Lucas here. I can't wait to watch the other 2 this week.

This one brings some old vibes back.
Hopefully I will give it a try, those lines like attack on the death star by rebels are motivating to watch this one.

Yeah , the attack on the Death Star is some classic movie history. Still love it now.

This trailer looks good and giving us an insight to the movie
For you to keep watching it, it means it is really interesting
Nice one!

Thanks, it is an inspiring trailer.

Great movie! Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of the originals, but A New Hope started it all! Great post!

Yeah, you can't beat the Empire Strikes Back! Love that movie!

hmm classic movie. i watched all when i was a kid

Yeah, they are good ones.

have u watched all?

Yeah, Even the new ones.

o.o even the new ones u mean like tv specials baby yoda?

Such a classic - I've seen it a ton of times ! I also like the first 3, I just struggled with the last 3 in the series, but maybe need to try watching them again (although number 9 was decent from memory). I still think rogue one was one of the best.

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I feel you there, the last 3 were hard to digest, but the originals are classics. I really liked the Mandalorian though too.

I only got through the first two seasons of the Mandalorian. I enjoyed them but I found each episode just a little too formulaic. When seasons 3 started, I couldnt get through the first episode. I did like Boba Fett, particularly the episode with the sand people - that was pretty cool !

Yeah, i can see what you mean, some of it was predictable, I think making new storylines could be very hard. Boba Fett is pretty cool though, for sure.

Hi, good science fiction movie, I saw it on TV a long time ago, good review.👍👍👍

Yeah it was cool to watch it again!


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Thanks for checking it out

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Yes, I loved the Mandalorian. I watched it til the end. 😀

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Yeah, I really liked her, I thought she was cool.

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