12th Fail

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PVR was disappointing


Finally we decided to experience the PVR THEATER , even though its a little far from us, and this time it was the movie 12th Fail - a thought-provoking movie based on some real life story that delves deep into self-discovery. The movie showcases how determination, hardship and honesty can help one achieve the goal, the Indian Police Service (IPS) or Civil Services Exam in this case. It's the toughest exam in the country for the premium job, but the preparation goes beyond the conventional educational system, and a failure in academics once, did not stop Manoj Kumar Sharma, the hero of the movie, to finally crack the IPS.

The movie has been running since October, but one of her friend suggested to take the kids and it was definitely a powerful delivery of conventional storytelling on screen, that did touch our hearts, but failed to appeal to the kids because of the simple reason that, the plot shown in the movie does not match to what the kids are living in.

The reason it touched me is that, I have gone through similar struggle when a good meal was luxury for us, and it took a year of hardship and determination to overcome that and get a job. But then our kids are into a different challenge, they have all resources available, and they don't need fortitude, instead, they need inspiration to utilize everything that we provide them and excel to achieve their goal. And as Parent, it's very important for us to make sure, there is no emotional breakdown, if they can't make to the top of their world. The struggles and triumphs of the character shown in movie, nowhere resembles to what they are about to face, so better to be realistic based on what we have.










Though the ambience in PVR is good, the experience was disappointing.


Since its the last five days of the holy month going on and we won't eat lunch outside, we had lunch at home and kids wanted to manage with Popcorn even though it was a bit expensive. But then it was not fresh and with much anger and dissatisfaction they could finish only half of that and were even asking me to go back and ask them for refund. I told them you should have checked, and politely asked for few to taste before you went for these big buckets. See, this is their their real life learning.



The seats do not have comfortable push back and you will have to spend some energy to push back and relax. Felt like they are some cheap set up there. We are definitely not going back again to PVR - this is probably the worst experience even though the cost is on higher side.



I couldn't still control myself for that Baskin Robinns small treat.



The food court did have some nice options, but then she won't eat anything, so we went to the shoppers stop shop that's only present in this mall. The boy was looking for a Cargo, but he could find only a very expensive Rare Rabbit Cargo, that he did not like.


This post will be part of my Google Review of PVR - a little hive marketing that we do.

Edit : Google review at https://maps.app.goo.gl/imKQcHTGNkutHTzv5


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At first I thought that the result of class 12 will be given or because today the result of HSC has been given in our country. Later I realized it was movie related. I like these movies too. I watch a lot of South Indian movies. thank you. Nice time with family members.

Is that an Indian movie. Sounds like it's a good one.

yes a hindi movie.

This is second positive opinion in 3 days . Now looking to find where the movies is running....

How are you dear friend @sanjeevm good morning
I am very sorry that it was an unpleasant experience, that the movie did not capture your children's attention, that the popcorn was of poor quality, and that the seats in the cinema were not as comfortable to enjoy the movie.
I appreciate you sharing this review.
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the week.

I have not been in a cinema for a long time. My most memorable cinema experiences are from my childhood between 2003 and 2005. None of the movies we watched in cinema were disappointing for us. We enjoyed all of them.

2003 and 2005

That's almost two decades man, you should go to watch a movie.

It can be dissappinting though when you visit such place and every of your expectations didn't occur as expected.

It seems that You have a great experience and thanks for sharing positive stuff with us. I don't get any chance still to go for Cinema house and watch the movie.
I rarely see any movie just like music to hear.

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It's a nice family bonding watching the cinema. Looks like you enjoyed it, as well as staying in the mall.

@sanjeevm You really reminded me of the pre-covid era of multiplexes! I used to be the frequent visitor then...but eventually things changed and I moved to amazon prime and netflix....enjoying at the comfort of the home...! But I guess one really needs a change!...So I think I will try out visiting PVR once again, In our area and watch the latest release..."Animal" ! LOL ! The names of movies have significantly changed to be more Aggressive !


It may not have been the best experience for you and your family, but to get out of the routine and de-stress, I imagine it is excellent in addition to sharing time with the family.

to get out of the routine and de-stress, I imagine it is excellent in addition to sharing time with the family

That's for sure.

I have also heard about this movie but haven't seen it yet. Now all of us friends are making programs and will watch it. It happens that cinemas sometimes happen like this and at all. The facility is not there and our money is wasted and the movie is not enjoyed because of that.

This is the most inspiring film . Its based on true story. I mostly like to watch this type of movie. ❤

That's what it's all about, friend, living experiences, some will be good and others not so much, but spending time with family for me is the best thing besides having fun.

That means that movie does not really meet the expectations that it was designed to meet

The story of the movie looks very interesting, I will definitely watch it.

I am sorry the place was a disappointed one. The negative review is much, I hope PVR will do better to improve, if not they will loose all their customers.

Yay! 🤗
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Go for the Baskin Robbins! 😋😁😉

Yea, its a nice looking cinema, but it depends on the overall experience. I went to some fancy 'first class' cinema while visiting thailand once, and it was super nice, but not at all what I was expecting with all the cost and the hype of it..

Determination would never leave anyone halfway, a person who has determine to do something, work towards it, will ultimately get to his forecast, this movie has a good lessons for the viewers.

you are right, food that we buy around the cinema is really expensive and they also don't let us take food from our home.