The absence of the father and parenting.

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Hello dear friends receive greetings and many blessings to all of you, this time I want to share with you this post about the importance of being able to raise our children, being alone in life so that their future is prominent.

Every time there is a separation the children enter into a psychological, emotional conflict and many of them wonder what happened depending on their age. Some of them even object and wonder if it was on their part.

Then the role of the mother is multiplied since the paternal role that should be present such as protecting, caring, teaching and disciplining is absent being very valuable for their education and that will serve as an example for their future as a father or mother.

Always in these cases the father who is part of daily life appears at certain times and in a very fugitive way, that is to say when they are least expected and arrives loaded with promises where the child is undoubtedly excited.

Therefore, we feel that in spite of all the education we have given him it seems that he prefers the father more than his mother, however, as he matures his thoughts become more balanced and he will recognize the value of the education provided with so much effort.

The most important thing is to be able to enjoy our children, in spite of the difficulties, when they achieve one goal and go on to another, especially if we did not have that opportunity when we raised our children on our own.

When a father is not there the children will always idealize him, even more because they will not make mistakes that cause him discomfort, the important thing is to do the best in the process of education without comparisons or competitions that expose him to misunderstandings.

Well I say goodbye, I want to thank you for your support. And for visiting my blog, wishing you many blessings and success in your life.

I have a simple rule: At least 2 hours per day of undivided to my son, and so far it is working wonders. I'd want to work more and make more money, but kids growing up happens just once, and you don't want to miss this.

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hello @anomadsoul it is true that we must give quality time to our children and not let the time pass, as they say "the time requested even the saints cry them".

thank you very much for your comments

Regarding InLeo, I don't have much information about it, I would appreciate what you can instruct me, it would be very good.

Exactly, and as much time as we can spend with our kids right now, it will help them become good people when they are adults, and we really need good people in this world now.

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But if you have any questions, you can ask me here friend