Sometimes Parents Not Aware Of Child's Online Learning Sessions

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Hi there. In this short education post, I would like to point out that there are times that parents are not aware of their own child(s) online learning sessions. Learning sessions as in online tutoring, online classes, online sessions with a provider like Kumon, Mathnasium and so on. This does sound crazy but I've had this happen to me. I'm sure that other online educators have had this too.

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"Who Are You Talking To?"

My most recent online learning session consisted of an event where the parent of one of the students seemed to not know that there was a scheduled online math tutoring session going on. I overheard the mother talk to one of the students asking Who are you talking to?. The student quickly muted herself and most likely talk to her mom about the scheduled session. I found that event kind of awkward.

I do recall a similar event from a while back where a parent got confused and ask their child What are you doing?. This one was not as bad. It is like as if parent(s) sometimes forget that there are online learning sessions.

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Maybe The Parent(s) Forget The Scheduled Sessions

You never really know what goes on from the student side of things. There may have been talks with the students and their parents about scheduled online tutoring/learning sessions on specific set times. Even with the talks there are times when parents forget about their child(s) online sessions.

A parent forgetting an online session may accidentally plan events and meetings that conflict with the online learning sessions. Events and meetings can include work meetings, family gatherings, family cooking, other hobbies (dance, sports, martial arts), other learning lessons (piano, language learning).

I think that if there is a distraction from a parent during an online session it would be likely misunderstanding and/or forgetfulness.

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It sometimes happen that parents forget and it's only advisable that they set a reminder or create a schedule to avoid such clashes.

I feel like a flexible online schedule would allow for the children to participate in family activities and have the opportunity to have a class any time of day.

I do agree with the flexible online schedule. However I don't think one should be too available.

For my case (not stated in the post), my tutoring gig is a side hustle. My availability is only for a few days of the week. I would like to more available/flexible but I would like certain times not available for work, rest, leisure, etc.