Numeracy Skills: How TO Develop it in Students & Children?

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One of the important things that students must know is how to numerate. This ability is needed because students in their daily life will meet with many things that require numbers. Of course we will think when we hear the word numerization is numbers, but this includes many things in life. In this review I would like to explain the importance of educating students on numerization techniques so that they grow well and are not misguided.

Understand the meaning of numeracy skills.

Numerization is a skill, or behavior that is very important and needed by every human being. It is important to be educated from an early age, especially at the beginning of entering the world of school. As I said at the beginning, numeracy is a related ability with numbers and things related to the introduction of basic mathematics which in the process has a purpose.

shorter and clearer, The meaning of numerization ability is a pattern of thinking that uses a variety of procedures and main concepts by using mathematics as the main tool in solving various problems that are encountered in everyday life.

This numeracy ability refers to the use of mathematics to interpret and normalize everything that relates to numbers that exist in the real world.

From the explanation above, of course it is important for us to have this ability, and it is important for teachers to educate their students about numeracy skills so that students can maximize their potential.

Relationship between Numerical Ability and Mathematics

Looking at the brief exposition I have reviewed, Of course we know that these two things are like two sides of a coin, which are interrelated and cannot be separated. Mathematics and numerization have a close relationship. In concept, numerization ability is a knowledge that uses mathematics.
However, numerization skills have a broader and more complex scope. For example, in numerization skills, Students will face real-world situations outside of school and need problem-solving skills, critical and creative thinking.

How to improve students' numeracy skills.

There are many ways that we can do to improve students' numerization skills. As teachers, we must understand the exact tricks in developing this ability for students.

There are many methods that we can use, among the most frequently used is the game. Games are one of the effective and interesting learning media. Especially to improve numerization skills. One of the games that we can use is with puzzles or other types of games that apply calculations in every playing process.