Variety of Innovative Models for an Effective Educational Process

in Education5 months ago (edited)


According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the word "innovation" means new inventions that are different from existing ones. or previously known. Innovation has a fairly close relationship with life, especially in the fields of technology, ideas, and knowledge. The birth of new things is caused by the presence of innovation.

In this case, the most obvious example is technology. The presence of technology that continues to be different is an innovation. Technology is useful for everything in life, especially education.

The presence of technology provides more space for teachers to be able to innovate in educating students. I want to talk about some innovations that can improve the quality of education with good application to the educational process.

Multimodal learning.

This is perhaps something that is not foreign to all of us, we often apply this method in the educational process, but I think there are still many who do not know the name of this method.

The multimodal learning method is an educational process that combines several things, including writing, images, movements, sounds, actions, and so on. This method is often encountered during the process of learning a foreign language. The goal is to make it easier for students to recite and memorize every foreign language vocabulary.

Community based learning

We encounter many educational innovations like this today during a pandemic. Community based learning is a place for learning that has a variety of people in a community. Especially for distance learning, we can get this kind of learning from a variety of social communities on social media.

We can follow the community according to the needs we want to learn. As for offline or normal education, we can follow community-based education by following the communities in the community.

Game-based learning.

We can do this method to eliminate boredom from the students. If the learning method that we apply is very monotonous, then we can try to bring a little innovation by applying game-based learning methods.


The goal is to re-motivate students in learning, because the process will be fun. We can also combine this method with the tourism-based learning method.

So the scope of learning is not only playing in the classroom, but we can also do it in nature. Every game we do is certainly an educational game. And if students succeed in completing a game, give gifts so they will be very excited.

Those are some innovations about educational methods that we can apply in schools or in the learning process.