Education of the Child Which is Very Important For their Future

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Hello teachers and educators who always fought for the sake of the successor to the nation and your country. There are so many things must be prepared to provide a good future for the children at an early age. Since they were born (baby), you May be accustomed to preparing a variety of things material needs them. However, after they passed the age of a toddler, the same thing is also important as the material needs will be popping up, one of the children's educational mentally.

A lot of parents consider children's educational begins the moment they enter in a community or pre-school. But believe me, the education of the child it starts when they start to learn to understand the world, yeah, it first starts from the discharge of its own. Because of the increasing age of the child, the task, you are also required more complex. Therefore, let us together to learn some of the things that is very important for the future of our children.

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For the first, let's learn about the Self-Understanding for the child.

Values such as confidence, focus, courage, perseverance and understand the things around him is the most important part of the Self-Understanding of the child. Education about Self-Understanding child starting since they were born and it's obtained all of the surrounding environment, such as family and neighborhood of residence. Because in fact, the child will learn what he saw of the family or his brother. Perseverance, courage and the child's habit of focus was obtained the absolute of the family. They always pay attention to any of what is done to his family and they will get it all from interaction with us as his parents.

The more they grow and begin to get in an elementary school, we as parents have started to teach Self-Understanding theoretically in unison with the application directly. Provide flexibility to your kids are nice, but it's worth it all to be observed by us as parents. Because it will be very help to grow their confidence and courage in trying new things in their lives, even in exploring a new area for them. Such things will strengthen the formation of Understanding of Themselves When they grow up.



The next thing is Moral Education for children.

Moral education is equally important for the development of the character of the child in the future. You as a parent help the child to get accustomed to be honest, give them an understanding of honesty. Honesty is a value that should be planted by the children since they were little and it will be valid until whenever for the good of themselves and the common good.

Help your child to always find a way to remain honest and fair, so that they are able to apply justice When they are adults. Help children to learn to ask for forgiveness if they are guilty, because it is very important to cultivate the concept of justice is strong in them.

You as parents or guardians also need to remember that whatever the Education of the children you teach will be very influential for them. Give an example also is the best way to make a child understand what you teach them. Remember that a good environment is also very influential in shaping the child into a good person.

Maybe enough for education today, is actually very much that I want to discuss in terms of character Education of the child. But let us discuss it in stages gradually. If you also have additional things can also comment below, so that we each know what we should give to the fruit of the heart of since they were babies.

Thanks already present on my blog, I hope what I write here will be beneficial for myself and friends in being a good educator for the child.