Personal perception of the historical origin of writing

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The history of mankind invites us to walk through a past that deservedly explains the importance that can mean that we can understand that ancient past, in which knowing the origin of writing gives us the reasons why at present we do not express ourselves by reason of this great manifestation such as writing.

For all those who have the opportunity to read this post, you can realize that in order to share with you my impressions about the historical origin of writing I am doing it through writing, which confirms that since ancient times it was a necessary resource to communicate, so we could say that this is how writing originated through the need for communication and universal expression.

History repeats itself, that is to say clearly day after day I face this reality of communicating with all my public in through writing, and it is the same reality that humanity has been facing through our ancestors for billions of years.

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Where do we find the origin of writing, in Mesopotamia or Egypt?

More than a debate, I think that writing was born in the first settlements of humans on the banks of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, what was at that time ancient Mesopotamia and what today are the territories of Iraq and Iran, the reasons why I believe this is that Egypt is very far from these settlements, life near these two rivers was very important for livestock and agricultural activity, so I do not find any sense that it was far from this settlement.

One of the many civilizations that left records of writing were the Sumerians dating from 4000 years BC, the impressive thing about this writing called cuneiform is that it had its own alphabet, and the way they carved their writing allowed them to remain until today.

History supported by paleontology makes it much easier to predict an estimate of how far back in antiquity writing was created, however on the other hand it is very difficult for history to know at what point it was that we began to communicate orally, however the studies that are done is collecting skulls and comparing their size, so that the most developed skull and knowing its antiquity can be estimated that there is a probability that we began to manifest orally.

The origin of writing may be at a point in history that transcends in importance, since many of the Sumerian tablets found in the cuneiform alphabet reveal the true origin of our planet in relation to everything that lives here.

To try to understand what I am referring to, I want to let you know a web reference where you can read and realize yourself what I mean:

All the stories of the Sumerians that other civilizations copied afterwards


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