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We all going through some untold discourses in life, some are answered and some are quiet as hell. we didn't mean to discover the harsh realities which eventually can create chaos in our lives, yesterday was the world's suicide day, we lost people who were deprived of everything during their life circle so I thought why not talk about these emerging social issues. I mean we all talk about things that are happening daily but cant we look at depressing and enthusiastic approaches to rectify the number of suicidal attempts, I know it's a bit difficult to discriminate things that are beyond our imagination but yes these factual things can really blow someone's mind.


so let's begin, according to researches, the number of suicide attempts is increasing day by day throughout these years in the whole world, especially in EUROPE, why people are blaming and punishing themselves through this vulnerable act. we as a society don't grow morally actually sorry to say, we become very discriminative and judgemental that we didn't care what the other may suffer . there is a lake of endurance for the people who are a bit different from us whether their race, their color, yellow, black, white,.... but it doesn't matter right as long as your roots are strong to the point that you don't ashamed to your identity.no one is perfect no one is true model of divinity(pure soul) right. we are al born alone so there is no significance in being different than others.

Discrimination can hurt a person like no other thing.it can destroy one's life.it can cause mental impairment. one can torture him/herself to the point of suicide. we all are facing this issue. we must understand this fact that worrying never solves our problems it is us who can rebuild human communication/relationships. we need to overcome this catastrophe. we need to reduce our prejudice against one another so the world becomes a better place. ONCE a great 13-century spiritual philosopher and thinker RUMI said '' WORDS ARE pretexts, IT IS THE INNER BOND THAT CONNECTS US TO ONE ANOTHER'' So we need to connect with each other in a way that we become one.


we discriminate against people with wealth, race, nation, color, etc, but why we distinguished the basic human circle. firstly we are human beings, a creation that can change the world that can inspire one another with their existence on the earth, then why do we do things like this to others. There are people, nations who are struggling but yet they are no near of result, a result that is in their favor,,...why we can not live with peace while we are independent and able to breathe freely like an early bird,.why we can not let others decide their lives accordingly. yet it is also important to have discriminative quality but, a quality that can help to improvise our life in a fragile, noble manner. we can discriminate in things whether it's good or bad but don't need to judge or criticize people for the sake of their own self-centered ego. we all one humankind.

***** let's live a life without discrimination******

Let's just be like flowers that can give a soft and tender gesture to everyone around us, so that a world without discrimination can be built.



nice post

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Interesting read, the world without discrimination would be a great place to live indeed. My pleasure to support this post as it was nominated to my latest upvote giveaway, keep up the good work :)

thank you for appreciating my content,,, such 😇encouragement makes my day...